Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Kaden's Two Month Check Up

Kaden's Two Month Stats:

Weight - 12 pounds 8 ounces (76th percentile)

Height - 25 inches (97th percentile)

Head Circumference - 39 centimeters (35th percentile)

The shots were killer, although I was most proud of myself for containing my own tears while Kaden cried his crocodile ones.  I held it together much better than I did for his first heel stick when he was only a few days old (had to leave the room I was crying so hard for that one).  Looks like my hormones are a little more in balance than they were a few days after Kaden's birth.

And, in honor of Kaden being almost two months old, here are some photos I took of him yesterday sporting cashmere duds from his fall wardrobe:

Monday, October 04, 2010

Sunday, October 03, 2010

North Carolina Seafood Festival

Yesterday we watched the first session of General Conference and then hopped in the car and drove to Morehead City for the annual Seafood Festival.  (I know, we are heathens, but I promise I am going to watch the afternoon session later this week.)  I had never been to the festival before.  Last year I really wanted to go, but we didn't, so I vowed we would try to make it this year.  It was also fun, because this was Kaden's first real adventure other than shopping.

The ride down there made me wonder if we had made a serious mistake.  It usually takes about an hour to get to Morehead City.  We left the house, right after feeding Kaden, at 2:30.  We didn't get to Morehead City until 4:30.  Wow.  Looks like we need to count on an extra hour of travel time when we take the baby anywhere.  Kaden was fussy when we first got in the car, but he hadn't napped well, so I figured he would fall asleep pretty quickly.  We were OK at first.  Then, we realized we had forgotten the camera, and decided to turn around and get it.  That led to hitting about every red light possible on  the way back to our house, which Mr. Kaden did NOT enjoy.  In order to fall asleep, he has to be moving, not stop and go.  Once we were on the actual highway, he fell asleep, but promptly woke up screaming.  I figured he might have a wet diaper, so we pulled over to change him.  Not wet.  So I fed him (look at me, nursing on the go!).  We were momentarily happy before the screaming started again.  Wet diaper this time.  A few miles down the road we were screaming yet again, this time due to a poopy diaper.  All of the chaos on the road was worth it though, because once we met up with Lauren and Tyler, and got to the festival, Kaden looked like this:
He was sooooooooooooo good the entire time.  He either slept, or looked puzzingly around at the scenery the entire time until the very end when he wanted to eat again.  Morehead City was packed with people.  Here's a shot Chad took of the crowd, to give you an idea of what we were pushing a stroller through:

The festival is basically streets filled with vendors of all kinds.  The ones we were most interested in, however, were the food vendors.  We sampled roasted corn, a Cajun shrimp pita, lemonade, and a funnel cake.  Here we are sampling roasted corn, dipped in butter, and then topped with your choice of spices.  Chad and I put salt, garlic salt, cayenne pepper, and Old Bay seasoning on our ear.   Sooooooooooo good. 

Here I am with Kaden, enjoying my corn:
Here is Tyler enjoying his, and Lauren, my gorgeous sister in law, looking like a movie star, enjoying hers:

It was a beautiful, fall night.  A bit windy, but still really nice weather.  It got a little chilly at the end of the evening, but we kept Kaden bundled up in blankets and enjoyed the sunset on the water before we left for home:

We had a great time, and only dealt with one major melt down, and one minor one (which induced sleep), on the way home.  I think I would definitely make it a tradition to go to this every year. 
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