Tuesday, June 12, 2007

All Roads Lead to Kinston

Living in the South has been even better than just visiting. After reading Curly's latest blog entry, I feel inspired to follow her lead. These are the things that I love about spending my summer in a land where people say, "Y'all":

- Going to the beach can be a spontaneous thing.

- People are so, unbelievably FRIENDLY! They smile at you. They speak to you. They genuinely care about each other. They don't look at you weird if you say hi to them in a grocery store. It doesn't matter if you know someone or not, they will be nice to you.

-People are polite. Because I grew up on the west coast, I always thought saying ma'am, sir, miss, etc wasn't really a big deal. Here it is. I thought I wouldn't really get used to it, but I have, and I like it. People just show each other a lot of respect.

- Did I mention...I can go to the beach?

-BOJANGLES Cajun-fillet biscuits with honey mustard.

-Spending time with my husband's family and getting to know them better.

- Saving money! It's been fun watching the money grow in our bank account, especially since Chad's internship decided to pay him.

-Baseball games in 75 degree weather.

-Some of the best shopping ever, especially because my mother-in-law (like my own mom) seems to have clearance radar and can help me find great deals =-)

-And...lest I forget...OH...THE BEACH!

I really do love it here. I'm starting to feel like a real slacker because I haven't even started my unit plans for the English classes I'll be teaching when I get back. But there's something about summertime that makes it feel impossible to get any real work done. Oh well, I'll have a lot more months of real work than I will of summer, so I guess I'll savor the free time while it lasts.

Friday, June 01, 2007

She Thinks She's People

I have never been a huge dog fan. This is just a simple fact of my existence.

It's kind of random, that despite this fact, I still yearned to be a veterinarian over the span of a few years during elementary school. I'm not exactly sure why I thought I would be content making a career out of caring for animals that I normally find obnoxious, but whatever. I probably just wanted to fit in with my circle of friends, and two of my best buds wanted to grow up and make puppies feel better. Anyway, before you start thinking this whole veterinarian childhood fantasy has nothing to do with the dog thing, let me explain. During this short-lived stage, I sort of had a dog for awhile. We had her for a few weeks. Her name was Maggie and my dad got her from a nursing home. They had to get rid of her because she was sniffing old ladies' rear ends. She came to stay with us, and after a few days I'd decided she smelled bad, the hair she shed on everything was unsightly, and I didn't like her jumping on me. Therefore, I avoided going outside so I wouldn't have to be near her. Once Maggie had destroyed several pairs of my mother's shoes, and also managed to chew a hole in the side of our family's tent, Maggie went to the pound. We saw her picture in the paper a couple of times after that. I don't know if she ended up with a nice family...or somewhere else.

Anyway, getting back to the point. I'm just not much of a dog fan.

There is one dog, however, who seems to have won my heart. My husband's family had a dog named Bailey. She is a golden retriever. She thinks she's people.

This is my favorite thing about Bailey--I find it absolutely hilarious. If Bailey has to go to the bathroom, you can't just go to the door and let her outside. You have to walk out on to the front porch, and she won't actually go out into the yard unless you've walked out far enough. She won't, I mean, I don't think she physically can, use the potty until you are standing on the porch watching her. It's hysterical.

This is my second favorite thing about Bailey. She is only "allowed" to be in the kitchen, and one tiny corner of the den. She follows this rule quite precisely. BUT, as soon as she thinks no one is home, that rule seems to no longer apply. She wanders all over the house! It's so funny! As soon as you get home, you catch a glimpse of her darting out of a bedroom, down the hall, and back to her designated area.

In conclusion, I am not much of a dog person, but I am a Bailey person. If we can find a Bailey replica, Chad just might be able to talk me into getting a dog someday. If not, my children will have to wonder what it's like to have a family pet...or maybe we will get a fish.
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