Tuesday, May 16, 2006

We've Got a Biter, Folks

And no, I'm not talking about a fish...I'm talking about a toddler. On Sunday he bit two children in the nursery. TWO. Not just one, but TWO! And they are both the sweetest little girls too. He bit the first one in order to win a battle over a toy, but the second one he bit for the pure enjoyment of it. She was just standing there being adorable and all of a sudden she was crying and Chad was screaming, "HE JUST BIT HER!" I couldn't believe it. We tried to show him what he did and make him say sorry but he wouldn't. I felt so bad for the two little girls. I remember once during Dracula what was supposed to be a stage bite ended up being a real bite once. I didn't have to act like I was screaming, I was really screaming. It seriously hurt SO bad. After the scene I told the kid "NEVER bite me again, if you do I swear you will regret it!" I seriously had a bruise on my wrist for days. Anyway, back to the nursery, I'm telling you...it is a struggle to like this child. He is also a screamer. Not because he is sad, but because he just likes to scream. I think he likes to watch all of the children cover their ears in agony. Or maybe he likes to hear us say "We do NOT scream." It's a toss up. Anyway, the mom of this kid didn't even seem fazed by it. I mean, if my child was biting people I would be a bit concerned. As much as it's completely awful, it was kind of funny. This one little girl (the one who tried to put the fire out with an elephant-subject of an earlier post) started following him around reminding him of what all the leaders were saying "We do NOT bite! WE DO NOT BITE!" It was just funny watching her follow him around in dress up heels reminding him of how bad he'd been, lol. And the first little girl who got bit kept saying, "My mom's gonna slap him!" It really was quite humorous. I'm just worried some of the kids will start being afraid to come to nursery now. On a brighter note, we helped the kids make macaroni necklaces for their moms for Mother's Day. They LOVED it! I've never seen them get so into an activity before. Only a couple had the actual motor skills to do it on their own, but we helped them out and they were so excited to give them to their moms. It was adorable.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Something You Just Don't DO!

Ok, so here's just a friendly piece of advice. A little lesson in etiquette if you will. If someone agrees to give you a ride home, and you live WAY out of her way, she is already cranky from 4 hours of telemarketing, she is hobbling along like an old woman because she just worked out for the first time in a year and is now feeling the aftermath-LACTIC ACID, and all she wants to do is eat a Bojangles biscuit, the first thing you say to her when you get into the car should not be "Why would you drive a SUV?" Your tone should not be rude. You should also not proceed to lecture her extensively on what she already knows- that SUVs guzzle gas. You should not talk about the impracticality of an SUV and how she should just get a station wagon because it has just as much room. This is just reminding her that a) she's wasting gas by taking you home, you are not friends and she was only doing this out of the goodness of her heart b) she never wants to give you a ride again and c) you are socially inept! Some more appropriate options would be to say THANK YOU. Keep any comments about high gas prices to yourself. Go buy YOURSELF a dang station wagon. Remind yourself that an SUV would certainly be better than your current vehicle- BECAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE ONE! Some people are so rude! I just don't get how you can be THAT socially retarded. Did their parents teach them nothing??? GOSH!
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