Thursday, September 18, 2014

Reese Rules for the End of Summer

31.  Go to Pullen Park with friends.  Cave to positive peer pressure and decide you're big enough to ride solo on the carousel and love it. Take a celebratory spin in the kiddie boats to celebrate your new found bravery. Then go on a train ride.  Oh, and enjoy the park in between all the action!

32.  When one of your best friends casually mentions she's taking her kids to the beach on a weekday, invite yourself and your two ragamuffins along.  Arrange for perfect weather.  Blow up a kiddie pool to keep the baby happy.  Enjoy the most amazing day possible, then add an extra hour to your return trip to swing by Brit's Donuts (even when the kids start screaming songs about poopy diapers and the exhausted baby falls apart instead of falling asleep, the sugar rush will be worth it).

33.  Officially ditch the training wheels that you never actually used.

34. Always remember, and never forget, that half naked play is the best play.

35.  When not playing half naked, strive to be fully costumed.

36.  Never underestimate the continued awesomeness of a three dollar, second-hand water toy.  It never gets old.  Promise.      

37.  Look snazzy on Sundays.  After all, every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man.  

38.  Catch and release bugs on the greenway.  Go with friends, since your mom will never initiate an activity that involves potentially touching creatures that crawl.  

39.  Remember this!  NEVER FORGET THIS!  You can never spend too much time in the sun and sand.  

40.  When the gentlemen offer to prepare the fresh shrimp, let them.  It's easier to savor and moan over shrimp fettuccine when you weren't the one looking at this the night before:

41.  Find a cute rocking horse buddy when you sneak into nursery.  

42.  Try not to panic when the AC quits working during an unexpected, humidity-laden heat wave.  

43. Resolve that, despite your inability to convince your brother to eat a vegetable, cucumbers are delicious regardless of whether or not they're dipped in roasted red pepper hummus.    

44.  Decide you mean it, after singing, "I love to See the Temple," a bazillion and a half times as lullabies, and get out of your pajamas before noon on a Saturday for the Primary temple trip.  (If you aren't a member of our faith and are curious about Mormon temples, you can find out more by going HERE.  On this particular outing, we did not go inside the temple, but walked around the beautiful grounds and took family photographs outside.)   

45.  Frequently count your piggy bank funds and inquire if there's enough moolah in there yet to get you to Grandma's house.  

46.  Practice your best "bad guy" sounds daily.

47.  Spend an afternoon at the science museum, after you fill your marble jar.

48.  Get lost in Barnes and Noble.

49.  Try not to tear up in Target when you realize you are back to school shopping for your Kaden bug.  Get a grip, woman!  It's just preschool!

50.  Realize that the scenery on your bike rides is changing.  Try not to mourn the loss of summer too much and prepare to embrace fall in all of its sweater weather glory!

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