Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Somebody is Four Months Old

I haven't been very good about documenting our lives lately.  I did write one excessively depressing post about juggling mommy-hood with teaching high school English that I never finished, so thankfully you won't have to read that one.

Kaden had his four month checkup on Friday.  Without further ado, here are our little Christmas elf's stats:

Weight:  14 pounds, 12.5 ounces (49th percentile)
Height:  27.5 inches (98th percentile)
Head Circumference:  42.5 centimeters (57th percentile)

The doctor says he's growing just like he should and that his head is surprisingly well shaped for sleeping on his back.  (Anyone think he gets held a lot?)  Kaden bonded with the doc:  he held his hand while being stethoscoped.  (Like my new verb?)

At four months old, Kaden . . . 

  • CAN sleep through the night.  He did this for the first time on November 5th (yes, my future London Study-Abroader chose Guy Fawkes Day as his first un-interrupted slumber).  Usually he will choose a couple of nights a week to sleep through the night.  The rest of the time we're getting up 1-2 times to eat.  I am not complaining, however.  I am just thankful Chad and I have managed to escape the curse put upon us by our parents that we would have children just like us.  Neither of us slept through the night until we were well into our toddler years.  I'll take my 1-2 days a week of a full-night's rest with pleasure.  Thankfully, on the nights when he does wake up, he usually goes back to sleep fairly easily.
  • Full out laughs when he feels the occasion calls for it.  This happens most often when I am changing his clothes (he LOVES to be naked).  He was even laughing in his sleep the other day when Chad put him down for his nap.
  • Talks in complete sentences, just in a language we can't understand.  Kaden is very expressive.  He tells sad stories and happy stories.  Sometimes he will take a break while nursing to tell me an entire story, before he goes back to eating again.  
  • Shoves everything he can get his hands on in his mouth.  He also shoves his hands in his mouth (he frequently gags himself by shoving his fingers too far down his throat).  
  • Holds small objects like his rattle and other toys.
  • Loves his feet.
  • Is still too lazy to roll over.  While on his back he will roll to his side and then give up.  While on his tummy he will get frustrated until we pick him up.  
  • Watches us eat with extreme interest.  
  • Will still be entertained by his swing and bouncy seat but for much shorter periods of time.  
  • Loves sitting up in his Bebe Pod (Bumbo seat). 
  • Naps with his daddy in the morning (after he eats breakfast) while mommy gets ready for work.  (It melts my heart every morning when I go say goodbye before I leave.  Without fail Chad and Kaden are both sound asleep in the exact same way--arms sprawled out above their heads.)
  • Has to be swaddled up tight to get him to sleep, but as soon as the swaddling process begins he will fight like crazy to stay awake.
  • Has his mom's stubborn streak and will occasionally let it show. 
  • Naps for much shorter periods of time (just ask his poor Gigi who keeps him during the day).
  • Loves to sing along to the Christmas music on car rides.
  • Moves his entire body when he gets excited about something, be it his reflection in the mirror, or his Elmo toy at Gigi's house.
  • Will let me tote  him around in the pouch sling in the kangaroo position.  He loves being able to see out and move around with me. (This is another precious sight to behold.  I'll try to add pictures later.) 
  • Gets shy sometimes when we compliment him on how cute he is and buries his face in the chest of whomever is holding him to hide his embarrassment (This is one of the most adorable things he does.  I will try to post a video of this sometime.)
  • Is a very happy little guy most of the time and is content to let just about anyone hold him, rock him, and love him.
Not a day goes by that Chad and I don't reflect on how blessed we are to have such a sweet, adorable little boy.  He really is a precious baby.

Despite how hard it has been for me to be away from Kaden during the day, I have recognized so many small blessings in my day to day life since returning to work.  I am so thankful to my Father in Heaven for watching out for me and for answering my prayers.  I have felt so much peace and comfort at times when I need it most.  I have wonderful students this semester; they really have been unbelievably good.  I am teaching all honors classes (in teaching that is code for spoiled rotten), two junior classes and one senior class.  I adore all of them.  It doesn't make the feeling of being pulled in two directions go away, but it does make it more endurable.  I know the students I have are not a coincidence.  I feel like they are a huge blessing.  Joy is still keeping Kaden during the day, another huge blessing.  So far I have still been able to breast feed him thanks to wonderful co-workers who help me watch one of my classes while I pump during the day.  Blessing.     

I am looking forward to the start of the holidays and a nice, relaxing vacation with plenty of bonding time with little man Reese.  Only three more days to go!
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