Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Move

I find it impossible to understand how two newly-married people can have so much STUFF. Chad and I started moving to our new apartment last night. My Dad and brother came down to help us move the big things like coffee table, microwave, couches, shelves, etc. We are no where CLOSE to being finished. We are currently between two apartments. This drives the OCD part of my personality completely insane. Today, I had to go to the old apartment to brush my teeth before I left for school, we forgot to bring the toothbrushes with us last night. It is ridiculous. Anyway, luckily for me Chad is there to calm me down. I had a nervous breakdown last night when the computer monitor wouldn't fit on the desk. I started bawling and said "I don't want to live here...." But Chad is helping me start to see it will be ok. I am just depressed because the carpet is ugly and we don't have two-toned walls anymore. BUT on an upside we have a bookshelf over our desk now. SO you can see all of the titles instead of having to dig through piles to find Austen or Poe. It's quite exciting! AND I think our bedroom is bigger, I really do!!! That is a plus too, more room to pile laundry on the floor =-) And, I really have no reason to complain, because our rent was only $60 for the month...including utilities. It's definitely worth it, just a bit frustrating.

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