Thursday, October 19, 2006


Red, sexy, impractical shoes that Katie cannot possibly afford:


Brown, more practical, teacher shoes that Katie still cannot afford:


Spending an hour on when you should be studying:


There are some things money can't buy. Shoes aren't one of them. Money can buy shoes. And someday...when I have money...I will buy some. (Although I don't know if it will every be $265 for a pair...but maybe a chat w/ Aunt Pamela could convince me.)


  1. I completely agree--shoes make me so happy. Shoes and darling nylons and tights--the ones with designs on them . . . to wear with tweed skirts and Vogue-ish jackets :)

  2. My favorite tights are argyle patterned in red, blue, and brown. I agree that tights are fabulous!

  3. This is my dream - to have money enough to be able to buy whatever pair of shoes or book that strikes my fancy and not worry about it. Also, I can hardly watch What Not To Wear without getting very, very bitter about those people who don't appreciate the $5000 and the Stacey & Clinton expertise. Undeserving stupidheads.

  4. I completely agree! Give me the $5,000!!! I will listen to everything they say with pleasure! *sigh...some people!


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