Monday, November 20, 2006


I am excited for turkey, family, and SHOPPING!!! I had my last class today and don't have to go back until Monday! YEA!!! I am so thrilled. I spent the afternoon getting things together for a Christmas project. I'm making a magnet board that we can put everyone's Christmas cards/photos on this year. It's just going to be so nice to have some time to relax and breathe over the weekend. My hubby still has a few more classes and a big project and paper due. I am switching him places and being the supportive one while he stresses for once. So tonight I'm on my own for a while. He's at the library, so I think I will put on a good chick-flick, make some hot chocolate, and just enjoy my freedom.

ALSO, someone is probably going to buy my computer! That means I get to buy a bookshelf! I've had my eye on a really nice one at Sam's Club. We desperately need one because I have a trillion books and the collection just keeps becoming larger. It is pretty expensive, so Chad and I made a deal: I can buy it with the money we get from selling the computer. Someone called about it and said they want it! Let's keep our fingers crossed that it all works out. If so, the stacks of books in our bedroom can have a place to call home =-)


  1. Yeah im excited for wednesday so we get to see u guys. Yeah we should all go see the new james bond movie. That'd be really fun.

  2. Hey,

    You guys are from M.L.? When did you graduate? What were some of your friends names? Panini told me you were from M.L. and now we are trying to figure out who you are. I am Panini's sister and we lived in 6th ward and then 10th ward. I graduated in 2002 and was friends with Lena, Crystal, Callie, Emily, Bergette, Katie (maybe you...I think that the Katie I knew had two brothers and one was named Jared?), and Christina (who wasn't mormon). I moved to Kansas my senior year. Maybe we know each other? I also dated Aaron and then married him after his mission. But, if we do know each other it has been ages sense we talked. :-) Anyhow, this was the first time I have been to your site and I love your posts. You are a great writer.

  3. Okay,

    I read more of your blogs and then saw your email address and it is you! That's so funny that my sister didn't put it together. I was asking her if it was you and describing how you looked but she thought you had long hair (and maybe you do) but I described it as being short.
    I missed you this summer. I was so looking forward to our little girly reuntion but then it seemed to get canceled out of thin air. We'll have to do another one sometime. I thought you were in journalism but being an english teacher goes along the same road doesn't it!? You were always so good in our english classes! Well, it has been fun for me to read through your posts. You sound happy. Being Apartment Managers sounds rough. Aaron and I have thought about doing that but decided against it twice. We were going to manage over girls or married housing. The girls sound way worse! Have a great one!

  4. yay for time off of school and chic flicks!

  5. Hey kate,
    Glad that you are getting a break!!! I can't believe that this semester is almost over! I am so ready to get out of here. Well Have a great day. I am going to be in Utah around the 19th of december so I hope to be able to see ya then!!!!


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