Tuesday, June 12, 2007

All Roads Lead to Kinston

Living in the South has been even better than just visiting. After reading Curly's latest blog entry, I feel inspired to follow her lead. These are the things that I love about spending my summer in a land where people say, "Y'all":

- Going to the beach can be a spontaneous thing.

- People are so, unbelievably FRIENDLY! They smile at you. They speak to you. They genuinely care about each other. They don't look at you weird if you say hi to them in a grocery store. It doesn't matter if you know someone or not, they will be nice to you.

-People are polite. Because I grew up on the west coast, I always thought saying ma'am, sir, miss, etc wasn't really a big deal. Here it is. I thought I wouldn't really get used to it, but I have, and I like it. People just show each other a lot of respect.

- Did I mention...I can go to the beach?

-BOJANGLES Cajun-fillet biscuits with honey mustard.

-Spending time with my husband's family and getting to know them better.

- Saving money! It's been fun watching the money grow in our bank account, especially since Chad's internship decided to pay him.

-Baseball games in 75 degree weather.

-Some of the best shopping ever, especially because my mother-in-law (like my own mom) seems to have clearance radar and can help me find great deals =-)

-And...lest I forget...OH...THE BEACH!

I really do love it here. I'm starting to feel like a real slacker because I haven't even started my unit plans for the English classes I'll be teaching when I get back. But there's something about summertime that makes it feel impossible to get any real work done. Oh well, I'll have a lot more months of real work than I will of summer, so I guess I'll savor the free time while it lasts.


  1. Good perspective of having the summer off. The beach is amazing! I'm so glad you get to enjoy it. Bojangles really must be something special. Is that a local place?

  2. YOU LUCKY PUNK!... dont talk about beachs. I'm here siting at home in UTAH...while you party in NC. NOt fair.

    ~the closest i can get to a beach is the water park at lagoon, 'Laguna Beach'~

    - still no sand on it. Well im glad you are having a good time,

    love Jared

  3. savor it! :)
    Love the phrase "clearance radar"! and how interesting about the sir and miss thing - I didn't know that was still done anywhere . . . but it does sound nice.

  4. Sounds wonderful...makes me think of Chopin's The Awakening. Oh, enjoy those non-lesson planning days. That is all I have been doing for weeks now in ML, planning lessons. My goal is for about 5 hours a day of lesson planning, did i mention I'm getting burned out already? Jealous about the beach *

  5. I'm so jealous that you're there where it's warm and humid and close to a beach. I'm stuck in a basement office making phone calls all summer.

    As for unit planning, I always said I'd do that too and I never did. I'm still hoping to get a job for the fall, but it's not looking too promising :(

    I miss you!

  6. I changed my URL: http://paninitreat.blogspot.com/


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