Thursday, February 14, 2008

Favorite Photos

I can only pick 10? My friend tagged me. Here are 10 of my favorite photos. I'm a bit camera happy, so there are SO many photos on our computer that chosing 10 was close to impossible, but here it goes:

Chad and I emerald mining this summer. We went with Chad's dad and had a fantastic time. I EVEN FOUND AN EMERALD! It was cut down into about a 3/4 carat stone. I'm about the unluckiest girl I know, so this picture is proof that my husband's good luck has started to rub off on me since we've been married.

With Emily and Lacey at some waterfall in Idaho. We hiked down it the summer before I left for London. Even though this is not the most fantastic photo of us, I adore it because of the memories from the trip.

With three of my beyond darling roommates. Bri, unfortunately, is taking the photo so she's not pictured. I LOVE these girls. We had a great time living in the hood together.

This is a photo I snapped of a bird lady in Kensington Gardens when I was living in London. I love it.

Mi familia.

In one of the "windows" at Arches National Park.

Sunrise on the Thames...In MY city. Sigh.

With two of the most amazing girls on earth. I miss them both terribly. Even though I have a horendous chroat in this picture, I still adore it. We met in London and were destined to be friends. This is from one of my favorite days at St. Michael's Mount.

With my darling husband, at my favorite place: the beach.

Mom's graduation with Grandma Joy and Aunt Laura. I was SO PROUD OF HER!
So there you go, 10 of my favorites. I really wanted to post a picture from our wedding but don't have any digital ones.


  1. Anonymous9:28 PM

    I love your photos. I love you, too. Happy Valentine's Day. Grandma Joy

  2. What a fun idea!I love all your photos. First, let me tell you how proud I am that you actually mined your own emerald! Wow, what a find! Next I will tell you my favorite pictures (I think you already know...) I LOVED the sunrise on the Thames, my version of it is on my background right now at work! :) What a wonderful memory! Also, the one at St. Michael's mount, I think that was one of my favorite days in England, I love that picture. I also love the sepia bird lady picture (I'm noticing a location trend to all these pictures....)I also love the arches picture, what a great shot, and the one of you and Chad is still up on our fridge, best Christmas card picture we got this year. Love you Katie! Have a great day!

  3. I love all of your photos...they are priceless! ~Wendi

  4. Love the pictures!!! Thanks!!! I loved the family picture!! it makes me miss your whole family!

  5. Hey Katie! I just started my own blog! yay!! anyways...I love these pictures...your blogs are hilarious...I just started teaching dance at a high I can relate!!~ blog is


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