Friday, October 17, 2008

Newest Dilema

My Fellow Bloggers,

I need your advice and expertise. As you know, Chad and I recently purchased a house. Well, the home improvement projects are up and running (a post and photos of the progress to follow) which means the decorating wheels are already turning for me. We need to choose a room color for the guest room, which I would like to coordinate with the main bathroom in the house, since this will also serve as the guest bath when company comes. After looking at paint colors, I've finally decided I need to choose the bedspread first, and then go from there. So, after looking through a couple catalogs tonight, I've narrowed it down to two, affordable, and beautiful, options. I need your help deciding which I should go with.

After spotting these two gems, I realized color choices were no longer going to be my main problem. The bigger issue was going to be what feel I wanted for the room. What emotions did I want to spark in the hearts and minds of my company?
The first bedspread's description boasted that it would "bring home the beauty of nature," but the second one's promise that it would "capture the spirit of adventure" was also tempting . . . either way, there is no disputing that each of them features a "stunning panorama" which "exudes a cozy lodge feel."

Choice A:

The advantage to selecting this one, is I already know someone willing to part with some decorative wall art that will coordinate perfectly. (Does your offer still stand, Wendi?)

Choice B:

At first, I was so struck by the fact that Choice A actually existed, that I overlooked this one. On closer inspection, I didn't know how I could have missed it! How charming to think that each time I walk past my spare bedroom, I could envision scenes from The Man From Snowy River. Maybe I could even store a copy of the film on DVD in the room, so guests could enjoy it before dozing off, and basking in the "adventurous" dreams this decor is sure to inspire. I'm not sure what wall art I could incorporate, although I'm sure my "My Little Pony" collection is still buried in a box somewhere at my parents' house.

So, please, dear readers, take part in my poll. I just CAN NOT choose between these two enchanting room themes. After laughing over this together, I think I have convinced my sister-in-law, Lauren, to buy whichever one I don't. That way, we can swap whenever we are craving a change.

Sadly, someone must purchase these . . . the catalog also included a bear scene of "Playful cubs romping in an alpine meadow as mother bears look on" and a scenic lake scene which portrays a "picturesque lakefront cabin" creating "a cozy rustic retreat." Wow. Kitsch at its best.


  1. I'm glad I re-read the post to get the joke. I was totally going to try to pick the best one for you, though.

  2. Anonymous11:31 PM

    Okay... when reading this post and seeing the choices I thought "Oh no, what has living in the South done to my daughter?" Then I picked up on the little sarcastic comments and felt much better about the fact that maybe I do know you after all! Only a little over a month until you come :)


  3. Hi Katie-
    It's Sherry and Trevor from London. I liked reading your blog, especially once I got over my fear that you might actually love those bedspreads. Woah.
    Incidentally Pottery Barn has old season items on their sale page for pretty cheap. I think we got our PB bedspread for under fifty. You should check them out.
    Hope you are well. And way to kick the Good Fellas butts!

  4. LOL....I think the descriptions of what the bedspreads are supposed to evoke are the best!

  5. Choice A is a must!
    And...the wall art is on me!
    I am doing the happy dance right now...just thinking about it.
    Parting is such sweet sorrow!

  6. Hey, those would fit right in in Payson where I work! You can get a nice camo-pj set to wear to bed, get matching ones for you and your husband! :D

  7. haha, oh wow! I thought you were serious at first too! I'm SO glad you are not! :-)

  8. That second choice reminds me of a shirt I saw on a lesbian once! So you should probably go with that!!!!

  9. Oh my gosh I totally thought you were for real! I was starting to seriously doubt your taste in fashion! :)Hope the house decorating is going well!


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