Monday, July 20, 2009

World Wide Photo Walk

On Friday, Chad found out about something called the world wide photo walk and asked me if I'd like to go. Basically, it's a free event where photographers meet up in locations all over the world and spend a day taking pictures. We found out there were a few locations in our area that were participating, and so we opted to join in on the fun. On Saturday morning, we drove up to Beaufort (strangely, I had never been to Beaufort before Callie came, and now I've gone twice in two weeks) and spent the morning alongside other photographers. This is a group shot of most of the people who came:

I enjoy taking pictures, but I'm far from a pro, so I thought it would be a little intimidating. I was pleasantly surprised and had a great time. These are some of my favorites that I captured at the event:

And some of Chad's:

We had a lot of fun just spending the day together (plus there was some amazing seafood to be had at lunch). I think we'll definitely do it again next year.


  1. Katie, your photos are BEAUTIFUL! You have a great eye for pictures!! Bring your camera to the wedding! Please?!!

  2. You really are great photographers. Maybe someday we can do a trade: I'll do paintings for you and you can photograph my family. Deal?

  3. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Oh my gosh, Katie you and
    Chad take the most amazing pics!!!!!
    I loved them all!!!!
    I'm glad you guys had a great time and plan to go again next year!
    I am jelous of your amazing pic taking skillz :P

  4. Wow it seems like everyone is getting into Photography. I'm hoping I can make the time know that i have awesome views to take photos of. I'm constantly amazed at how quickly people improve. It won't take long before your photos look like the pro's. Keep it up.

  5. so fun! i didn't know you were into photography. you are a NATURAL! i just recently have started getting into it-- but i don't know much. also, i'm so impressed that you're writing a book! and your students do look darling. :) miss you girl!

    one more comment, your hair is so LONG! you look great.

  6. Katie, you're GREAT! I love the sunflowers and no diving. :) What a fun day, I'd totally do that.


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