Sunday, February 28, 2010

5 Days Away!

I love surprises.

I would much rather be surprised on Christmas morning than know what I'm going to get.

It's just so much more fun that way.

This is one time in my life when I don't want to be surprised. I am DYING to know what this baby is. If you are one of those people who didn't find out the gender of your child until delivery, power to you. I think you're insane, but that's awesome. I seriously don't have that much patience.

I feel like I can't do anything (i.e. choose a wall color, buy adorable outfits, start really looking at baby names) until that screen shot shows me if we have a male or a female on our hands.

You have five days left to vote, people. I am really interested in people's guesses. Chad's entire family thinks the saucer is a boy. Everyone at my work thinks the saucer is a girl. I am uncontrollably wishy-washy and don't really have any true feelings either way. I will be beyond thrilled, regardless. I just want to know if I should start buying blue or pink. On Friday I will be put out of my misery.

Heaven help us if this baby doesn't cooperate with the ultrasound tech. I think I will seriously go insane!


  1. oh, so very exciting katie! i like you could not wait to find out. i found with both of my kids that i couldn't get TRULY excited until i knew what i was having and could make plans. and hey, it's still a surprise, just a surprise at 20 weeks instead of 40! i've heard people say that if you find out before it's not even that exciting in the delivery room. WHATEVER. there's a baby!! anyway, it's obvious i don't really have an opinion on the subject. :)

    BUT, we have considered waiting with our third (whenever that may be) since we now have a boy and a girl. but i'm fairly certain i will be way too curious. we'll see.

    anyway, i will end this novel of a comment, and i think it's a boy.

  2. Wohoo!!! I've always said that once I know the gender it just feels so much more REAL. I have no idea, no guess, just excitement for you!

    Where's a belly shot? Let me guess, you don't have a bump yet.

  3. I am voting boy only because the Reese clan is mainly boy.
    Cheers to a happy, healthy baby!

  4. Ok, I have voted. Though mine is more of a wish than a guess. Boys are great and all, but shopping for girls is 50000 times more fun! Think of all the accessories....

  5. I'm one of those crazies that didn't find out. It was a lot of fun because everyone was so excited the closer I got to delivering. But you're right about the buying stuff thing. That was so frustrating to see something super cute and not be able to pick it up.

  6. Oh Katie, It has to be a boy. Then one day when I have my only girl then they can get married. :) So therefore I vote BOY!!!!!!!!!

  7. Haha, for your sake, I hope the baby cooperates, and I say GIRL- pretty much just because I want it to be a girl =)

  8. Hooray for you! I know that it has been, like, YEARS since we've had a real conversation, but I know you will be such a great mom!!! I'm betting on a boy...except not really because I don't heh. I am on the exact same page as you in the surprise 'em but NOT at pregnancy time. I'd like everything mapped out and known in advance if I'm going to be pushing you know what out of you know where thank you very much.

  9. I'm so excited to find out what you're having!! Our babies will be close in age, too, so that'll be great! Whatever you have he'll/she'll be amazing and great!!~

  10. Its one of each! Yes my dear, sweet Katie your having twins!!! A boy and a girl!!!!! Either way, my guess is right! hahahah! I am voting for healthy!

  11. oh and a side note...I found out with my last 5 because they didn't have all the modern tech when I was prego w/ Jaz and Loni Anne...I don't know how people wait to be surprised???

  12. Katie-
    We found out with Isak and were suprised with Lucy. While I can't convince anyone to wait, it was a really awesome experience to not know until she came out. I would find out with my first but maybe after that you could be suprised...It was literally one of coolest moments ever. ANyway, I'm, super excited for you and hope someday I get to meet the little nugget. And can we get a preggo pic here soon?


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