Monday, May 03, 2010

Prom Night

Chad and I were mistaken for high school students when we stopped by the grocery store on our way to chaperone the prom. To quote the checkout lady: "You are the chaperones?!?! I thought you were two of the kids!" Chad even neglected to shave, hoping the facial hair might add a few years. He was hoping not to be mistaken for a high school student. I guess it didn't do the trick. Neither, apparently, did my growing abdomen.

Here I am at two days shy of 27 weeks:

It was baby's first prom, and Chad's first prom (since he was super lame in high school and refused to go to his). I won't complain though, since I got to be his first prom date.

It was fun to see my students all dressed up and well behaved. Chad and I went out to eat with a bunch of folks from my department before hand, which was also fun.

I am so thankful it's May. Summer vacation's just around the corner!


  1. You look amazing!! I love everything about this post!

  2. If you only knew what our proms were like...don't blame him! I went one year, and didn't care to go back!! That growing belly is too cute. Hope you guys are doing well!

  3. Didn't you know its against the pregnancy rules to look that cute? A few swollen ankles, chubby cheeks or maybe a more protruding belly would make us all feel just a tad bit better. Work on that will ya?

    You guys look fantastic, were you mistaken for teenagers long enough to be named Prom King and Queen?

  4. You are DARLING! Our kids are so having a relationship when they are older, whether it be romantic or just buddies.

  5. holy cow, you're a grown up chaperoning a prom, how does it feel? :) you guys look so good and katie you are pretty much the cutest pregnant lady i've ever seen. seriously. love you sis!

  6. didn't you know a growing belly means nothing about being out of high school these days. My mom said that for senior projects one girl did hers on being preggo, stupid!

    anyway, I think you are adorable! and maybe you should take it as a compliment that you look so young. although, nobody wants to pass as a teenage pregnant girl, so just make sure you sport that wedding ring loud and proud! HA!

  7. You look beautiful! How funny--well, we had a few pregnant girls show up at our prom here in Payson...

  8. That is so funny that the lady thought you were a pregnant high school girl! You both do look very young, but come on!!

    You looked Beautiful!

  9. Katie you look amazing. Many say a woman's beauty often blossoms with their first baby. That is so true for you. Lets hope life allows both of us to age well. :)


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