Monday, August 23, 2010

What We've Been Up To

Immediately upon leaving the hospital, Kaden had to be put on a Biliblanket for his jaundice.  This made for a very interesting first few days home from the hospital, since Kaden looked like a glowing mutant most of the time.  He had to be naked except for his diaper, with the Biliblanket wrapped around his abdomen.  So, from August 13th through the 18th, Kaden quietly slept, ate, and pooped in the buff, while his darling newborn clothes became too small for him in the closet.  I also had to feed him more frequently because he was dehydrated, which was very stressful, since we were still learning how to nurse.  The Biliblanket was tethered to a machine, and the blanket glowed like the inside of a tanning bed.  Somehow all of the pictures of Kaden hooked up to this monstrosity have been deleted from the camera (it's a sore subject, but I do still love my husband), so here's one of the ones my mom had, so we can remember he did indeed glow for the first few days he was home from the hospital:

Here's Grandma holding Kaden after his first sponge bath:

Here is Daddy, changing his first blow-out diaper:

Here is Kaden with all of his English Department Aunties.  They came to see me on August 20th, when Kaden was just 9 days old:
Here's Kaden in his first Sunday outfit.  I really wish we'd taken a family photo, but alas, we did not.  We went to church because it was Cameron's farewell, and it's a good thing, because I don't think this adorable outfit will fit him by next Sunday:

Here's Kaden showing off his ability to already lift and hold his head up during tummy time with Grandma:

And here are some of the shots we took of Kaden on his 10 day birthday.  Note:  Photographing a newborn boy without a diaper, could lead to damaging Banana Republic attire:


  1. Such a cute little baby and you look great!

  2. Fantastic birth story! I am so glad all went well. I really think there should be a "pushed out a 9 lb or bigger baby" club. We can exclude all of those 6 lb. baby mamas. :)

    I have never seen the jaundice blanket before. Crazy!

  3. Is your hubby seriously wearing gloves while changing a diaper?! that is too too funny!!! he'll get the hang of it soon enough!

  4. Those pictures are so cute. I didn't even notice the gloves...Chad,you should be ashamed!! jk. He is going to be a strong boy with his head already that high during tummy time. I am impressed!

  5. Thanks for posting your birth story! I like to read them, but like you, only since I've become a mom! Love the pictures. So cute!!!!

  6. Are you sure you just birthed a 9lb baby?!? Doesn't even look like you have been pregnant...You look great!

  7. Katie!!! Reading your blog made me miss you so much! Not to be rude, but I didn't really realize that I miss you. But now that I realize I do, I think I'll make a better effort to keep up with your blog because you are an INCREDIBLE writer, your birthing story and pictures - yeah the horrible ones of you ha ha - made me CRY, and the story of your lovely rash reminded me how bad I DON'T want to get pregnant again any time soon. :) I am SOOOOO happy for you and if you'll send me a facebook message with your address I would LOVE to make a little blanket for your ADORABLE little man. I think Kaden fits him PERFECTLY. AND, your landscaping on your house looks great!!!! We are saving landscaping for next summer. Ugh. So much to do. Well, congrats on the baby, kudos on the adorable pictures -Chad- and good luck in Mommy-land! It's the best, and the worst, but mostly the best. :)

  8. What great pictures! Of course it helps when you have a adorable baby and beautiful parents!

  9. How precious. I love the pictures, you can see his little adorable personality.


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