Tuesday, May 03, 2011


We were really lucky to have Meredith and Mackenzie in Kinston for Easter this year.  Kaden didn't get to go to church on Easter Sunday, because he was running a fever.  A few days later we recreated the moment and had the kids put on their Easter duds for a quick cousin photo shoot.  They were less than cooperative:

Seriously.  That's about as cute as it gets.  They were not interested in looking at the camera at the same time, or, in most cases, looking at the camera at all.  If we did manage to get them looking at the camera, if one was smiling, the other wasn't.  You get the idea.

 Kaden, on maracas:

Probably the best one, after the bunnies succumbed to the power of the breeze and were removed:
We decided to try to get some individual shots.  Here's what Kaden thought about that idea:

Plastic egg to the rescue:

I think they're still pretty cute, even though they're not perfect portraits of our kids. 

Kaden had a blast with Mackenzie while she was here.  I think he is going through withdrawals now that she is home in Denver. 


  1. That Kaden sure is a cutie!! I think the pictures look great!

  2. Such cute little ones....even if they are my grands. I think the pictures are cuter than we expected...glad some of them turned out. At least we can have the memories, right? Thanks for posting!

  3. Such cute pictures of cousins! Looks like Mr. Kaden had fun for Easter...

  4. These are adorable! I've never taken 'official' Easter photos of my kids but I'm thinkin I should. What a cute little man...seriously.

  5. Kaden is so adorable. Thanks for reading and posting comments on my blog.


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