Sunday, June 12, 2011

I think I have a new calling in life . . .

Meet and teach the author of this article how to write. 

I know it's Kinston.

I know our paper shouldn't be held to the same standards as The New York Times.

But it pained me to read this.

I am still gritting my teeth.

Aside from the fact that it's just crappy writing in general, I am appalled by the errors I would expect from my former sophomore writing students. 

I know my blog is not a shining example of grammatical perfection.  I make errors.  I probably make multiple ones.  Some of you probably leave a reading of my blog gritting your own teeth.

But I don't write for the newspaper, dang it, and there should be standards.  Has the press no pride?

Reall, Mr. Hill?  Really?

As an aside, Corbin was a former student of mine, and I am thrilled to hear he's beating his battle with cancer. 


  1. I love you Katie! Maybe you should ask them if you can proof his stories?! Maybe you will get that new calling...

  2. I am the WORST with punctuation, grammar, etc. Your calling should be to help me!!~

  3. Poorly written - I wouldn't accept that for our high school newspaper....


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