Friday, August 19, 2011

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's . . . Back . . . to Work I Go

In January, I happily resigned from my position as a high school English teacher, so I could become a full-time mom.  I have loved every minute of it.  When I announced my intentions, I got a mixed response.  From most, I heard various renditions of, "I'm so happy for you!"  and "You're so lucky."  From others, I got a quizzical, blank stare that seemed to say, "You're going to do what?"  Having the chance to be home with Kaden has been one of the greatest blessings of my life.  It has been so much fun to see him grow and change every day.  When I submitted my resignation, I fully intended to return to teaching (a job I honestly feel I was born to do) at some point in the future.  My idea of the future was WAY in the future.  You know, like when my youngest and last child (yet to be conceived, born, or named) entered middle school.

Then Chad lost his job.

Wow.  We really are still in a recession depression, and it really can affect us.

There's nothing like experiencing the reality of unemployment.

He filled out dozens of job applications, we prayed, and we waited.

And we waited some more.

And we waited some more.

I waited for Heavenly Father to answer our prayers in the perfect package I was envisioning--a great new job for Chad, and uninterrupted stay-at-home-mommy-hood for me.  It turns out, what I really got was a reminder that I'm not in charge, and that sometimes I need a lesson in trust and patience.

I had contacted my former principal immediately after Chad was laid off to see if there was a chance there were any English teaching positions available at my old school.  He had literally filled my former position two days before I called.  I told him to let me know if anything became available, strongly doubting anything would.

In July, while I was visiting my parents in Utah, I got a call from the principal who said a position had unexpectedly come available, and if I wanted it, it was mine.  I cried when I got off the phone, because while I knew it was a great blessing, it wasn't the blessing I had really wanted.  (I know that is a really selfish way to feel, but it's how I felt.)  A lot of prayer, a Priesthood blessing, and a trip to the temple later, I accepted the position with a lot of peace in my heart. 

There are so many small things to be thankful for about this entire situation:
  • I have a degree.  Thank goodness I had a degree!
  • Chad gets to stay home with Kaden, until he finds a new job.
  • Chad is an awesome dad, so I know Kaden's in good hands.
  • I am going back to a job I enjoy. 
  • I get to use a talent I have been given to (hopefully) bless others.
  • I have two honors classes first semester.
  • I am teaching subjects I have taught before, which will help immensely with cutting down lesson planning time.
  • At least I'm off by 3:15, instead of 5:00.
  • I get to work with a department of teachers I love and respect.  
  • I am going back to a school where I already know the ropes.
  • I get my old room back, student-painted ceiling tiles and all.
  • Chad was paid through July and I get paid in August.  We won't have to go a single month without a paycheck.  That is huge.
  • I got to see Kaden reach every major milestone of his first year. (Well, we are still waiting on the blasted first word, but maybe I'll still hear it.)
I'm already in the midst of teacher work days, and I'm getting excited for the year to get started.  One thing that's wonderful about my profession is the reality that every year is a fresh new start, and you can reinvent everything about yourself and your curriculum that you want.  I love that about teaching.  It will probably be an interesting few weeks of transitioning, but I know it will all work out.     


  1. Wow Katie! What great timing! Truly a blessing, and I can totally see how it's not the one you wanted, but is wonderful all the same. I hope Chad is able to find employment soon. It is such a scary thing to be in that position. I had my hours cut from 40 to about 15 in order to keep my job at one point...and I was the bread winner. It is really tough stuff. Hooray for honors students! Good luck with the transition!

  2. Ahhh Katie good luck! I know it is hard but aren't you so glad that you majored in something useful that you can use to bless your family? Basket weaving wouldn't have been nearly as handy. I hope Chad finds a job soon and meanwhile, I know you will be a great teacher.

  3. what a blessing that you have an education and are able to get a good job! this makes me think i really need to check on that teaching license business. i had sophie right after i finished student teaching, and haven't thought much about it since. i'm sure i'm supposed to have taken classes or something by now. ANYWAY. i do hope that chad finds a job soon. that has got to be so stressful, but i really admire you for the decisions you've made. love you, friend!

  4. Hang in there know I will help out when needed! Hope you have a great school year. You are such a great teacher....I know there are lots of kids who will be thrilled you are back!!! Hopefully the year will go by fast!

  5. Katie, I am so sorry to hear that Chad lost his job! But what a blessing that you will not have to go without a paycheck! I hope you continue to have a smooth transition back to school. Now it will be the boys' turn to hang out together. I'm sure Chad and Kaden will create many wonderful memories together!

  6. What a blessing to have that job and the degree and the ability to help support your family. The Lord will bless you. Wow, good luck - teaching is a hard job - I know. :)

  7. Isn't it so cool how the Lord looks out for you? Just when I think things are getting too crazy and too hard, something happens that reminds me that He really does still remember and care about me. I'm glad all is well in the Reese household. I hope Chad finds a job soon! And those kids are so lucky to have you back!

  8. Amazing how everything works out even if its not what we planned! I too have prayed and come to the realization that I'll be going back to work full-time too, such a hard decision, but one that had to be made! And yes, thank goodness for college degrees/education! This is exactly why the prophets have told women to get as much education as they can, so we can provide for our families when our husbands can't!


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