Monday, March 05, 2012

Kenzie, Tanner, and Kaden--Cousins Extraordinaire!

It is fun watching Kenzie and Kaden have more fun playing together, now that Kaden is a little older.  Mackenzie is such a sweet cousin, as is evidenced in these pictures from their first meeting in October 2010:

Kenzie has always been so loving to Kaden.  Even when all he did was lie on the floor and look at her, she thought he was awesome.  She would tell him, "It's OK," whenever he cried, and she had to watch me change every one of his diapers.  

This is Kaden and Kenzie with their Aunt Lauren on Christmas day in 2010:

Kaden was a little more entertaining by the time Spring of 2011 rolled around, but not much.  Any "play" still meant floor time, since Kaden was such a lazy crawler.  

This time when Kenzie and Meredith came to visit, they brought a new addition.  Mackenzie has a baby brother now, Tanner.  He filled the baby role this time, which meant Kaden had to step up to to the plate and be a big cousin.  He was not nearly as enamored with Tanner as Mackenzie had once been with him.  He mostly viewed Tanner as competition and didn't want me anywhere near him.  He did, however, love spending time with Mackenzie.  While they were visiting in January, I was still working, so Meredith and Joy kept Kaden during the day.  Kaden learned a lot about sharing, not pushing, and not pulling hair during this time.  I'm so thankful Mackenzie has a sweet, patient disposition.  Even though they didn't always get along, when they did, it was pretty precious to watch. 

Here are all of the cousins, opening their Christmas gifts.  We waited for the kids to be together to open their presents from each other, instead of mailing them for actual Christmas. 

One of Kaden and Kenzie's favorite things to do was take baths together at Gigi's house.  They had so much fun splashing!  Here they are, "helping" Gigi get the tub ready:
 Here they are splashing away:
I wish Meredith and Adam lived closer, so our kids could play together more.  Growing up, I lived really close to one set of my cousins, and we had so much fun together.  I really wish Kaden could have that same experience.  We just try to make the most of the time we do have them together!  

Here's one last sweet photo of Kaden and Kenzie with their great grandmother, who we all know as Nana.  I'm sure this will be a special photo for us to look at for many years to come:


 And here are some fun videos of the kids playing (please ignore my obnoxious voice in each one):


  1. He is so darling! Glad he got to spend time with cousins. I'm sorry to see he's sick...hope he gets well soon!

  2. So here is a funny story for you. I was at a Stakewide YW/RS activity the other day and there were missionaries crawling all over the place. I remembered you had mentioned your bro-in-law so I thought I would ask around to see if he was serving anywhere in the area. I turned to the next elder who walked in the door and said, "Hey elder, do you know an elder..." and then I noticed his name tag.

    "Wait, you're elder reese. From North Carolina. With a brother married to Katie Jensen."

    He was very impressed with the amount of things I knew about him... and maybe a little concerned he had a weird mormon housewife stalker.

    We had a lovely chat about you and Moses Lake and Las Vegas and all other fantastic things. He made me promise I would tell you all about our meeting... like I wouldn't already. I mentioned our Junior Miss connection and he said, "yeah! I've probably seen a picture of you!" And then I let myself reminisce for a minute and that was fun.

    Anyway, other than winning the longest comment award, just wanted to say it looks like he is doing well and seems to be a big fan of you!

  3. Sis. Nielsen definitely makes me feel old... especially when missionaries (who now all look like little kids) call me that and then help me carry things into the church building. But sometimes after I put my kids to bed and I make a yummy treat just for myself and stay up way too late watching ridiculous TV, I really like being old.

  4. Aww!! Love these pics!


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