Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Demise.

I'm pretty sure you're going to see my obituary in the paper by the end of next week.  It will read something like this:

Katie Reese,  a stay at home mom, bit the dust early yesterday evening.  Her death, while sudden, wasn't unexpected.  After a long struggle, she succumbed to obliteration from an overabundance of toddler whining.  


The last few days with Kaden have been a constant series of, "No, no, no!  I DO IT!"s and high pitched requests that I have to coax him to rephrase in a normal tone of voice with a please and a thank you.

This mothering a toddler is an exhausting business, I tell you.

Tonight, I had to call in reinforcements just to get the chap pajama-ed, song-ed, and to bed.

Luckily, I have photos like this to remind me just how cute he can be:

The first weekend in October is the General Conference for our church.  I love conference weekend for many reasons.  Probably the best reason is we get to feel spiritually nourished, uplifted, and end the weekend filled with a desire to be better people in general.  The second best reason is definitely that we spend pretty much the entire weekend eating and in our pajamas.

Kaden, enjoying some daytime pajama time:

Kaden, listening to President Monson speak:

Chad had Columbus Day off at the start of the month.  That was also the day the demolition started on our kitchen (YAY!), so we did the activity part of our Family Home Evening in the afternoon and headed to the farmers' market.  Kaden fell in love with the little pumpkins, so we bought a few for our front porch.  They've become some of his favorite toys, and we've carted the things all over the place (to the airport to pick up Grandma, during the day while we run errands, etc).

 We bought some apples while we were there.  I was busy picking out varieties we can't find at the regular grocery store, when Kaden grabbed a gala and took a ginormous bite out of it.  We bought it, of course, and he carted it around the market, munching on his snack for the rest of our visit.

My little munchkin might be a mess, but he's mine.  I am so thankful I get to be a mom, even with all the challenges that come with the job description.  


  1. Oh dear, welcome to the "horrible twos". They weren't kidding when they named it that! Watch out. With my boy age 3 was even harder. With my 2 year-old girl I'm having a hard time believing it CAN get any worse. Heaven help me if it does.

  2. His hair is so beautiful! Good luck. Sorry he's being tricky...the "I do it" really tests the patience....Yesterday was like that around here but add in a little 1 yr old banshee in addition to the whining...

  3. I just think he is one of the cutest toddlers-- and I've seen a lot of them!

  4. Katie....he is absolutely precious!!!


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