Wednesday, June 12, 2013

North Carolina Zoo

When we set our family goals at the start of the year, one of them was to take a trip to the zoo with Kaden.  We decided to go for it the first weekend in June, since the deeper into summer we get the hotter it's going to get . . . and the more pregnant I am going to be. Chad's parents were awesome and drove to Raleigh the night before and joined us bright and early Saturday morning.  It was fun to have them share the experience with us.  

The North Carolina Zoo is actually a paradise for the animals who live there.  I'm not usually much of a zoo fan, because I think they smell bad, and there's something kind of depressing about watching caged animals stagger back and forth in small, contained spaces.  This zoo is incredibly large, so the animals have a ton of room to roam.  It feels more like they are in their natural habitats.  This did make it harder to see some of the animals up close, but Kaden still loved it!

Here's our family with one of the elephant statues at the entrance to the zoo:

 Waiting to watch the alligators being fed.  Remind me I never want to meet one of those guys in a dark lagoon at night.

 Kaden was so excited to see the real life Ollies:

 But the highlight of the trip was seeing the real life Tip Tops:

He still talks about this trip.  Every time he sees a picture of an exotic animal he says, "Oh!  I saw him in real life!"  It was definitely worth all the miles of walking.  Thank GOODNESS almost all of the walkways were shaded.  It made the day much more pleasant.  Although, any later in my pregnancy, and I probably would have parked myself on a bench somewhere and told everyone to have a good time without me.

One more goal crossed off the 2013 to do list.

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