Friday, August 16, 2013

I'm Starting to Think Maybe Pink is Overrated . . .

When we clearly make such adorably cute boys.

My friend, Shelley, gave me the most beautiful gift at my baby shower:  a newborn photo session!  The photos she took of Everett turned out so perfectly, despite his being a very uncooperative model.  We had the hardest time getting him to stay asleep, and she was unbelievably patient throughout the entire experience. Seriously, I'm pretty sure she is the baby whisperer!

Chad took newborn photos of Kaden that turned out amazingly well, but our attempt at newborn photos of Everett was disastrous.  Chad's exact words were:  "And this is why I am not a newborn photographer."  I was terrified we were going to have to one day explain to our second child why we had no newborn photos of him, when we had them of his older brother.  Thank goodness Shelley saved the day!

 Seriously, though.  Who needs a girl?  Am I right, or am I right?


  1. Oh my goodness!!! Yes, she did such an amazing job. Newborns really are so hard to pose/work with...but she did incredible. I love the "baby features" pictures. Those little toes!!

  2. Darling pictures and you're right, you guys do have really cute boys! I had to laugh at the title of this post because in our house it would be blue is overrated. :)

  3. these pictures are amazing! i love how they show all the sweet newborn things-- like the dry skin. it is so so sweet. yah, you guys make really cute boys. why mess when you got it so right with boys? it could only go downhill from here, right? ;) plus two ladies are going to be so lucky to get your boys as husbands. love you friend!


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