Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Ten Years Ago

I left the boy I had just fallen head over heels in love with and moved to London, England for a semester.

It was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made.  While I was gone, that boy and I decided we couldn't live without each other, which was pretty important in the long scheme of things that I call my life.

I also learned so much about myself.  About who I am.  About what makes me tick.

I met friends I was destined to meet.

And saw things I will never forget.

I grew so much in the short time I was lucky enough to call London my home.  A small corner of my heart still dons black and mourns the loss of my beautiful city.  I would move there again in a heart beat, even with the two children that I'd have to haul around with me on the Tube and push in strollers on cobblestone streets.  I love it that much.

I wax nostalgic for it around this time every year, the anniversary of my arrival.  I think of my friend Ben, and late night walks along the Thames.

I think of the beautiful countryside and frolicking through the wilderness with bosom buddies.

I think of my tube stop.  About the crazy lift.  About the eccentric lady I passed almost every day on the walk home, who was always screaming the f word and walking her dog.  It was like the R-rated scene they must have cut out of 101 Dalmatians.   

I think about the morning I watched the sun rise behind Tower Bridge.

I think about Oxford.  I think about Cambridge.

And when the weather starts to turn cold, I remember how incredibly gorgeous England is in the fall.  There's nothing like it, especially when one's favorite season is Autumn.

I can't help but grin when I think of these two girls.  I sure love them!

I think of bus rides to beautiful places like these:

I remember Kensington Gardens, my favorite park, just a short jaunt from home.

I remember all the times I ate lunch inside the ruins of this church, digesting something delectable from Borough Market, lying on a bench or in the grass with a book, cloud gazing in between chapters.

I remember traipsing all over Paris with these two, and the adventure THAT was.

Yep.  For four months I lived a pretty terrible life.

I may have cried when I browsed through all my London photos and found these gems.

I remembered so very many things:  Dressing up for musicals and shows every weekend, the wonderful holiday parties at the London Centre, Harrods at Christmas time, the long train ride to church every Sunday and the crazy Primary children in the Peckham Ward.

I think I need to go back.


  1. Beautiful pictures! That's exactly how I feel about the semester I spent in Washington, D.C. I can't wait to go to London someday!

  2. Katie that is my feelings about London too!! what I wouldn't give to be back at Palace court, in the old classroom and crowded around dining tables, and adventuring the busy streets of London everyday!! Gosh, why did you wax nostalgic, now I want to go back, no..need to go back!!

  3. This may be the third comment I've posted on here, but I haven't seen the other two show up yet...but anyway, GREAT post. I'm pretty sure I cried a little there at the end. I LOVED meeting you in London and that we have stayed close friends ever since. That was one of the best times of my life and I'm so glad to have those memories to share with you and other "bosom friends."

  4. Gorgeous photos! Ahh to be young and adventuring again...


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