Thursday, November 06, 2014

Getting Geared Up for the Holiday Season

I love this time of year.

Christmas music starts playing in this house the day after Halloween.  The other night, I offered to bust out some Christmas tunes for Kaden's bedtime lullabies, and he said, "I don't like Christmas songs."  I gasped. Audibly.  "Say what?!?!?"  He quickly retracted his stance and said he didn't feel like them that night.  Good thing, buddy, because I was worried I might have failed as a mother.

Don't get me wrong, we don't skip right over Thanksgiving.  Right now, we have a gratitude tree hanging up in our kitchen.  We write things we are grateful for on the paper leaves we add each day.  It's one of my favorite traditions, and I love hearing all of the sweet little things Kaden is grateful for.

One of the things I get most excited about this time of year are the holiday cards that flood our mailbox when December rolls around.  They fill the wall space in the kitchen where the gratitude tree hangs during November.  It's pretty fitting that photos of some of our favorite family and friends take its place.  They are people we love and are so thankful for.  Lots of the cards come from far away, and from people we haven't seen in years.  It's so fun to get to reconnect with them at least once a year.

I know sending out Christmas cards is something some folks have cut from their holiday to-do list.  Postage stamps are a lot more expensive than they used to be, for one thing.  And it's just one more thing to accomplish during the very busy holiday season, for another.  It's one tradition that I plan to always stick to, though.  Even though it's a small thought, I hope the families we send our cards to each Christmas know how much we love them when they get theirs in the mail.

Tinyprints is one of my favorite companies of all time.  Seriously.  I ordered both my boys' adorable birth announcements from them, and I've used them for our  holiday cards in the past, too.  They have gorgeous designs, great customer service, and it's quick and easy to order products through them.  So I was so excited when they sent me this affiliate offer to share with my readers today!

Who DOESN'T want 10 free holiday cards?  Especially when they're as fantastic as the ones you can order on their website?!

What do you think about Christmas cards?  Do you still send them out?  Or do you think they're a tradition of the past?

Tiny Prints 10 Free Holiday Cards

*While I receive a small commission for products purchased through my affiliate link for Tiny Prints, the thoughts and opinions I expressed above are my own.  

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