Monday, November 07, 2005

Did you know an elephant can put out a fire?

Well, apparently it can. I discovered this in the nursery on Sunday where my husband and I spend 2 hours trying to maintain a decent level of peace among the most adorable little hooligans around. The sweetest little blonde girl was incredibly worried that there was a fire in the playhouse (there is a picture of a fireplace on the wall). She was running around announcing to everyone, "THERE'S A FIRE IN THERE!!!!!!!!!" After trying to convince her it was ok for awhile, Chad finally told her, "you'd better put it out" and with the assitance of about 4 other children and a toy elephant's trunk (I don't know if he was meant to be spraying water to assist in this process or just a sacrificial object) they finally managed to control the flames.

Our experiences in the nursery have proven to be quite enlightening. For example, did you know it is perfectly possible for a one year old child to scream at the top of his longs for 2 hours straight, with only a five minute rest the entire time? And even though it looks like he has finally given up, do not let this deceive you- as soon as he catches a glimpse of the door and recognizes this as the portal that can lead his little toddler legs to his mommy and daddy he will start to scream again. Did you also know that little boys must be born knowing how to play the flirting game? I watched this little boy repeatedly push the most adorable little girl over because he knew she would be upset and I would make him give her a hug and tell her sorry. (You should have seen the grin spread over his face with each hug- this kid knows what he's about). Even though none of them are over 3 they are sooooooooo incredibly smart! I love them all so much, they are so adorable. It is so fun watching their little-people-ways and wondering what they will all be like when they grow up. Will Bubba still be a ladies man? Who knows- Will some of them still suffer separation anxiety? We can only hope not- But for now it's a joy to watch them becoming who they eventually will be.

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  1. That is so funny! How cute of you guys to put the fire out... And that little boy, what a stinker...that's hilarious!


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