Saturday, December 10, 2005

"Satan's Five & Ten" Put the Final Piece of Heck into My Weekend...

So I have been looking forward to this weekend all week long. Sadly it didn't turn out quite like I expected...The details:

Amidst the overwhelming task of paper writing this week I always had Friday night to look forward to. My Mom and Dad got tickets for Chad and I, plus my sister (in-law) and her husband to go see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert Friday evening. If you have never seen this it is amazing! They always bring in a guest soloist who sings with them, they have dancers, the set is outstanding, and hi- they can sing a bit themselves- it's a great show! Thursday night I completed one research paper, and I took work off on Friday so I could write another one before we left for Salt Lake. We had to be in our seats by 7:00 and the show started at 7:30. We left at 5:30- giving us PLENTY of time to get from Provo to Salt Lake. Don't worry, apparently there was a Jazz game going on at the same time. We got stuck in miserable traffic and didn't make the show (even after parking 6 + blocks away since we could walk faster than traffic was moving and practically running to beg them to let us in). We all tried to be positive (well, mostly everyone else, I was complaining about how disappointed I was) and decided to walk back to the car and park it at the ZCMI center where we had a free parking pass. Then our car would be closer, we could get some hot chocolate at the mall and walk around temple square and meet up with my family after the concert. Almost 40 minutes after getting back in the car we still hadn't reached the ZCMI center. Out of pure frustration we decided to skip the lights and freezing cold weather and jet back to Provo. It was RIDICULOUS! A perfect evening wasted...sigh...Ok, so I figured Saturday has got to be better!

This morning proved me wrong. I decided to go and get our Sam's Club Card. Chad's Dad signed us onto their membership (so nice of him), but I had to go get my picture taken and all that jazz. We are out of some of the essentials around our house so I thought I could pick up a bag of frozen chicken and such. I had to go by myself because Chad has his calculus final on Monday and he was studying. First of all I have no clean clothes so I had to wear this pair of pants that have been too big for me for over a year now. That already put me in a not so pleasant mood. "Oh well," I thought, "The chicken's worth it, I'll wear a belt." I guess I should preface this by saying I hate going into Wal-Mart stores. I will do it because it has to be done, but all of the people just make me so angry! It's like people go into those stores and instantly become these creatures who have no consideration for others. They just stop their carts in the middle of aisles and block the path so you can't get by, or they come down the aisle going the WRONG WAY and block up everything that way. Their stores always feel dirty, and people are rude. I think the fact that my mom and brother were almost killed at a Wal-Mart in a Harry Potter book scuffle is enough proof of how horrible they are, lol. Chad and I lovingly refer to Wal-Mart as "Satan's Five-and-Ten" after seeing a funny skit about it on the Daily Show. Anyway, enough about my vendetta against the global monstrosity that is destroying America. The point is I went to Sam's club, trying to be cheerful, with a belt holding up my pants. The car ride there should have warned me I was in for trouble. It was bright outside so I decided to wear my sunglasses- but the screw popped out so I decided to pull down the visor and make due- but the visor wouldn't pull down. After arriving at Sam's with sun spots dancing in my glazed eyes I received my card without a single problem (the woman helping me was competent- I was thrilled!) I proceeded to fill a cart with some basic items we needed: the chicken, a box of cheezits, some bread...all the while having to fight through crowds of people, little children running from their parents, and old ladies stopping in the middle of aisles to examine crockpots on display. After finally reaching the checkout I decided I'd buy Chad and myself some hotdogs from the food stand for lunch after I paid. The checker rang up my items, told me my total, I scanned my card and told him I needed him to run it through as credit (the bank finally sent me my debit card but they haven't mailed me the pin number yet) and he said "I can run it as debit but not credit...we only take DISCOVER, not VISA." It was the last straw. I had endured the missed concert, the large pants with missing buttons, even the blinding sun, but the realization that I would now be leaving Sam's club empty handed was too much. Me- "Are you kidding me?" Checker- "No" Me- I only have 6 dollars in cash... Checker- "I'm sorry" Me- (trying not to cry) "It's not your fault...Sorry, I guess you'll just have to cancel it." I thought VISA was "everywhere you want to be!" I mean WHO DOESN'T TAKE VISA and takes DISCOVER? That is the most RIDICULOUS thing I have ever heard. When I got home I flopped down on the couch and cried to Chad. "All I wanted was a hotdog, my pants don't fit, and the sun was in my eyes"- It's a good thing I have a husband who loves me even though I cry about stupid things like that.

I'm hoping for a better Sunday...


  1. I love that you call Wal-Mart Satan's Five & Ten! My roommate always shouts "THE DEVIL" when we drive past a Wal-Mart. I don't care how cheap it is, it is always the store of very-last-emergency-resort!

  2. No way, that's so sad!! What a horrible weekend. So so sorry you missed the Tab Friday night. I went on Saturday- we were lucky not to have traffic problems- what a complete bummer to miss it. I can't believe Sams doesn't take Visa...where does that EVER happen?! That is RIDICULOUS! Just another week, finals will be over...


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