Friday, January 27, 2006


Today I experienced one of the most awkward moments of my life...The details follow:

So, Last time I checked I got married in July. Last time I checked, that was over 6 months ago... Last time I checked I wear a ring on my left has a diamond, usually a sign of attachment to a member of the opposite sex. Last time I checked, I was incredibly in love with my husband, he with me, and he is someone I talk about all the time. Well, for some reason a co-worker managed to miss all of the above reasons why he should not ask me out on a date. In fact, I can recall 3 distinct times I've mentioned my husband in an actual conversation with this person! Yet for some reason, he seemed completely flabbergasted when he asked me if I'd go out with him and I told him...I'M MARRIED! He then replied "Oh! Sorry...I didn't know...this has actually happened to me before..." Weird...I mean, it's Provo...doesn't everyone do the ring check? When I was single I CERTAINLY did the ring check. It's just the most intelligent thing to do... Some people just don't catch such social clues, which leads to rather embarrassing moments in their little life... So... Incredibly... Awkward.

I came home and Chad and I had a good laugh about it =-) How grateful I am that he is my handsome hubby so I never have to go on awkward dates EVER again! Just one more blessing of being a wife.


  1. Completely agree, Katie. It is wonderful to have that person in your life that knows you for you, and no more awkwardness like your story! I do not miss those days.

  2. Unfortunately Katie, I can't give them that excuse...instead, I have to just say no because I just don't want to! I try to make up some weird excuse but they never seem to believe it... allwell. I think it's so funny that the boys keep asking you out even after you are married, and HAPPILY too. :) You and Chad are so cute.


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