Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Need to Stick to the Clearance Racks

So, I attempted to buy a dress online. This is what it looked like:

Adorable, no?

If you know me, you know I usually buy clothing on clearance. As in, "This is still $20?!?!" It's the way I was raised. You just don't BUY something that's full price. Why would you do that? In a couple of months, it will be on sale. I like a good deal. I like to be on the prowl in a store, searching for that one special find (oh, who am I kidding? ONE special find? OK, so MULTIPLE special findS) with my name on it. That's why stores like Ross and TJ Max appeal to me. It's also why I like thrift stores. Stores like that are like the safari of shopping. It's like a jungle hunt. You never know what you're going to find, how cheap you're going to find it for, or how hard you'll have to look to find it. It's always an adventure.
Anyway, the above mentioned dress was not my idea of a "deal." It was on sale, but I am too ashamed to say how much that "sale" price was. I bought it because I figured I could justify the price for three reasons. 1) It is ALREADY modest. I wouldn't have to add a camisole underneath or a sweater over the top to wear it. 2) It's a lovely purple color, and I have been trying to add more color to my wardrobe. 3) I still have Christmas money...we'll call it a late Christmas present to myself.
Well, the dress came today, and it really IS a cute dress, just not what I expected. ESPECIALLY when it wasn't too much of a steal. So, I am sending it back. The color is more of a maroonish than it appears in the photo (doing nothing for my skin color), and the sleeves are too puffy (Chad's qualm with the ensemble). I am out the shipping and handling, but they pay for the return postage, and will refund my money completely. I thought about exchanging (they do have some adorable dresses on the website...check it out at but I'm nervous I will only end up disapointed again.
I have learned my lesson. I am just a girl who needs to try on merchandise before purchasing. I need to stick to the clearance racks where I belong.


  1. I think I've seen that dress on someone in my ward. I don't remember the exact connection with my ward and shabby apple, but I want to say the girl who started it is living here? I know we have one of the models for shabby apple in our ward (hence many many shabby apple purchases.) What you need is a "trunk show" where you try on the dresses from there first and then buy. Still, I'm glad you're sending it back if it's not absolutely perfect...those things can be pricey!

  2. I share the jungle-shopping-passion with you! I love the hunt of shopping, I even like window shopping, I apparently like to buy things others think not to buy...LOL. That is a cute dress, and online shopping is tricky! Good for you to not keep it and let it mold in the back of the closet, I do that every once in a while :)


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