Monday, September 08, 2008

The Good Thing About Vampires Not Being Real

Is that apparently I have quite tasty blood.

Mosquitoes have always like me.

My body right now can testify that the Southern ones actually LOVE me.

I'd hate to see what a non-Cullen vampire posse would do to me.

I am COVERED in bug bites.

One, little, phone conversation outside on Sunday night (the Reese house is a fortress that kills cell phone signals, so I've started to talk on the phone outside) and you'd think I've been tramping through bush in the Amazon.

It frightens me to realize they didn't all come from mosquitoes. It was dark outside, so I have no idea what was swarming me.

If I didn't know better, I'd say I had developed some strange disease that covers my limbs with contusions. In fact, my students probably thought so today when they saw my bare, white legs. I wore a skirt which made the red knobs all over my skin pretty impossible to cover up. Unless I wore nylons. Unfortunately, I am not the nylon wearing type. No matter how pasty I am.

So there you go. Right now I am a pasty, diseased-looking woman, who itches profusely.

With a broken car.

Excuse me while I go wallow in self-pity with a bottle of chamomile lotion.

And maybe just a little bit of chocolate.


  1. Best part about las vegas... no mosquitos. They love me too. There can be 50 people outside who don't get a single bite and I'll end up looking like I have very big puffy chicken pox. I feel your pain and I award you all the chocolate it takes to heal :)

  2. Oh Katie dear,
    I didn't know you were outside taling on the phone after dark, and just after Tropical storm Hannah just passed with two days of rain, and warm weather ....I would have warned you to put on mosquito repellant!! You must taste extra good or they would bite you so much! Sorry, it's one of the lessons of the South that you have now learned.

  3. I must be tired and I'm not wearing my glasses so I can't see. I meant to spell "talking", not taling and to say that you must taste extra good or they would NOT bite you.

    Sorry. It's getting late.

    Love you anyway

  4. Sorry about the mosquitos. And the broken car. The lock on my driver's side door just fell into the door when I was driving to Rexburg last week. Luckily my dad could fix it, but it was annoying. So you have my sympathy. How was your first day of teaching?

  5. You will get used to staying away from the mosquitos I learn when to stay inside! Also, what happened to the car? I guess that can be another blog!

  6. Our worst experience was in TEXAS...I have never seen more bug bites on someone in my life! Aaron had 100+ on ONE CALF...needless to say we hope to never end up in Texas! I hope your poor legs heal soon!

  7. That is awesome~did any of your students choose to point it out? Because they seem to notice and point out everything! :D

  8. I can't remember if I already mentioned how much I love your new house! It's so cool looking! Also, what sweet comments you made about Greg and I as parents--not cheesy at all :)

  9. i totally hear you girl. mosquitos LOVE me too. although it sounds like you got it pretty bad! gotta love those bayous. (i love that word, by the way).

    and p.s. i'm pretty sure you're the cutest girl ever. i love your blog!

  10. I'm with you on the chocolate. Trent has sent some back from New Zealand a couple of times and I never knew chocolate could taste so yummy.

    I'll save you a candy bar next time just in case you need them to ease your itchin'!

    Who knew the connection? A must for every 72-hour kit I do believe.

  11. You are not pasty or diseased looking.
    You are just sweet...and that is why they bite you so.
    Tip: put a dryer sheet in your pocket...keeps the mosquitoes at bay.
    Why should you try this?
    Because Wendi Said So of course!

  12. they love my kids too!! they seem to not like me! Dan says its because I have bad blood! and when can you and I just sit and gorge on chocolate together??? I LOVE chocolate!!!! really!!! I love the fact that you and Chad are in the ward, it just feels right...ya know! love you both!


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