Friday, November 21, 2008

Not My Most Shining Moment

I should have known when I left for work this morning that things were just not going to go my way. The sky looked gray and solemn, so I figured we were due for some rain. It proceeded to begin snowing. Which made me want to vomit, because it forced me to recall some horrific driving experiences in Utah. (Luckily, it didn't stick . . . much to my students' dismay, and my extreme pleasure.)

After work today, I went to the DMV to get my driver's license.

That was the plan.

Chad took the test yesterday. He passed it with flying colors. 100%. Not a single question missed. His exact words were, "That test was a joke!"

I failed the test.

Yes, that's right. Failed it.

I am completely mortified.

You could only miss five questions, and I missed six. It felt like an out of body experience. I am not the kind of girl who fails tests. I'm not the kind of girl who doesn't do well on tests. I thought I was going to cry.

It reminded me of my freshman year at BYU, when I took my first Physical Science test. I remember waiting at the bottom of the stairs in the testing center, watching for my student number to pop up on the screen with my test score. When I found my number, and saw my corresponding score, I thought, "Oh, I must not have the right number." Yea. A quick look at my ID card confirmed that, yes, I did have the right number, and, yes, I was a loser who had bombed her first test.

As I drove away from the DMV, I wondered if it was criminal for me to be driving at all. I mean, clearly if I can't pass a simple driving test I have no business being on the road.

Oh, well. Life will go on. The only problem is, I still have to get a North Carolina driver's license. What happens if I fail the test a second time? I don't know if I can live that down!


  1. Aunt Pam8:59 AM

    I could understand you failing if it were an oral exam....oops, did I say that? My bad. And that coming from a true southern girl. It will be OK although I don't know if Chad is ever going to let you live this down.

  2. It all depends on the questions you missed. I barely passed my first driving test because it kept asking questions about blood alcohol limits, which I hadn't really paid attention to since I would never have to deal with them. And who needs to know how to parallel park anyway?

  3. Oh, that is so annoying. I failed my first written driving test by one question too! That is the most annoying thing ever. It is just one question! That means you could have just accidentally marked the wrong answer. Good luck with the next one. You will do great. :-)

  4. Good times! It is funny how each state makes it totally different, I was really suprised how much easier Utah was than--at least how I remember WA's to be--. :D I did fail the first time I took the WA test though. LOL.

  5. Remember how you got your license before me, and our Birthday's are 2 days apart! I didn't pass the test until that summer, so if you ever feel bad about yourself, just remember me! Atleast your not as bad as me! Good luck with the 2nd time around!

  6. i've totally had those byu testing center moments too... so so crappy. sorry about the driving test sis, but if it makes you feel any better i am quite confidant i couldn't pass a driving test to save my life.

  7. Keep your chin up Katie, we all get suprised like that, it reminds us that sometimes life throws us a curve ball!!!

    Anya called me about a month ago and said that she failed her first test!!! She pretty much had the same thing happen to her in the testing center!!! NOT FUN!!!

  8. Haha, its all good! I failed a drivers written test before too, when I was trying to get my Utah liscense...and it was an open book test even! So don't feel bad! How are you liking living on the east coast?? I'm so jelous! I can't wait to get out of Utah! Keep in touch!


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