Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Scoop

It's been too long, my friends. Things have been so crazy, I haven't known where to start with blogging, and so it's been pushed to the wayside. But, since this is supposed to be a kind of pseudo-journal for me, I figure I best sketch out what's been going on. Sorry it is picture-less . . . if you choose not to read this, I forgive you.

The House.

The improvements are continuing. The house is full of surprises. Some surprises are good, like finding a silver tea set in a closet we didn't know existed. Some surprises are bad, like finding out there is no wall behind the mirrors in the bathrooms. Regardless, we are trying to get more of the many projects finished. The electrical work is now completed. Our laundry area has been framed. The plumber has been frequenting our future residence over the past couple of weeks. The popcorn is now off the ceilings (aside from two rooms that have decided to be impossible). That, in itself should have been a post of its own. I would like to find the person who decided to spray that on my ceilings and hurt them. Even though I've hated every moment of working on them, it has made such a difference. We wore masks, so don't worry, we shouldn't end up with cancer. Even though the ceilings aren't completely finished, they look so much more modern without the cottage cheese effect. The wall paper is all down (aside from the bathroom that makes we shake my head every time I walk into it). I have told Chad no matter how much I beg and plead, he is NEVER to allow me to put wall paper up ANYWHERE in my house. I hate it with such a passion, I can't even express the loathing I feel. I can't wait until we get to start painting and doing things that really make the house look different. So much of what we've been doing is prep work so it's messy and doesn't feel very rewarding. I'm ready to move in!

The Car.

We bought our first car together! We now own a 2009 black, shiny, NEW, Mazda 3. We knew this was the car for us after first test driving one in the Spring. We've been looking at every car imaginable since, but nothing was as fun to drive. I've been having a great time driving it back and forth to work, and we've both loving the fact that the gas mileage is amazing. We still love Mr. Four-Runner, but he won't be getting as much road time now that we have a fuel-efficient vehicle. Ask us how much we love the Mazda after we get our first car payment . . . hmmmm. We still need a name for our new, black beauty, so if you have any suggestions, they'd be much appreciated.


We're both sick, and I pretty much lost my voice on Friday. I try to speak and no noise comes out. Try teaching high school students without being able to raise your voice. Or really talk at all. Yea. We spent today trying to recover, and didn't work on the house at all as a result. Hopefully we'll be well soon, and we have Veteran's Day off on Tuesday, which will be spent working to try to make up lost time. Wish us luck. I'm going to take a sick day on Monday, so hopefully by Wednesday I'll be able to actually talk to my students.


  1. Jared Jensen11:22 PM

    Name the car, Tux, or Maestro.

  2. We had to do the EXACT same things on our house. I was feeling your pain when I read about wallpaper and popcorn ceilings! Good luck...

  3. WOw! Busy busy! I'm jealous of the new car...I'm slightly embarassed by what my kids see me pull into the parking lot in...zoom zoom!

    And take a sick day! Sometimes I wish I could sick...but I really don't want to be sick....

  4. Hey now, I have cottage cheese on my ceilings!!! The stupid people who lived here before us painted them so it would be very very hard to get them off, so I painted them a fresh coat of white paint and hope not to be in this house for the rest of my life!!!!!
    There are some great photos of your mom and your Grandma on my blog, we had so much fun with them, we miss getting to see you.
    Good luck with everything, I know your house will be super cute when you are done!!!

  5. Hey Katie,
    I dont think that Iv left you a comment yet, so i figured that its about time. We has alot of fun seeing your family over Halloween weekend, I wish that you could have been there. Its been forever since Iv seen you. I really want you to meet my little Brody, you'll love him! It sounds like you guys are being good aside from the sickness. Thats awsome that you bought a house, thats a big step to take. the car sounds pretty nice to. I hope that we get to see you sometime soon, before Brodys too much older. We love you!


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