Monday, September 21, 2009

How to Ensure Use of Your Entire Wardrobe

1. Don't do laundry for two weeks.

We usually do laundry once a week, and usually Saturday becomes laundry day. Last Saturday, Joy's washing machine broke down while she was mid-load, so she came over and used our washer and dryer to finish up. I figured we'd do our laundry on Monday or Tuesday, but instead it sat in the hamper and accumulated more dirty camisoles, polos, and pajama bottoms as friends. We finally did laundry THIS Saturday, but that meant two weeks of getting really creative when it came to wardrobe selection. Friday I wore a pair of jeans that had previously been put in the "work wear" section of the dresser. It was time.

2. Refuse to iron for a few months.
I hate ironing. I detest it. Nay, I utterly loathe it. If I could, I would hire a maid whose sole job was to iron my clothing. The thing is, as much as I hate ironing, I adore tops and bottoms that seem to require it. You know, tops with ruffles and pleats, made out of fabric that looks gorgeous when it's crisply pressed, but looks disastrous if you just pull it out of the dryer. I have not had a real "ironing session" for a very long time. After we do laundry, we hang everything up that is supposed to be ironed in the guest room closet. The idea is,we'll iron it and it will be put away in the right place. This hasn't happened since summer vacation started (Joy, if you are reading this, I hope you haven't had a heart attack). It is now September, if you don't have a calendar right handy. Now, I have been forced to iron a couple of pieces between then and now, but for the most part, I've adjusted my outfits and just haven't worn anything that requires my least favorite chore.

I have been wearing clothes I forgot I had! This probably means I own too many clothes, and that it's time to clean out my closet, but whatever. Seriously, this is a terrible thing to confess, because now you will all know how incredibly lazy I am. Honestly though, it has been amazing how many different outfits you can come up with when you're forced to really analyze the only things left in your closet.

I finally had to suck it up and iron a few things last night-I was running out of wrinkle-free options. I make no promises as to when the ironing will resume. As Lauren would say, "Don't judge me."


  1. I do this ALL THE TIME!!! and I too HATE HATE HATE ironing. one time i thought I would be a good wife and iron all of david's shirts in one session, oh never ever again. he can iron his own shirts as he goes!!! And I have been living in p.j's and cotton oh and not leaving the house so that cuts way down on my ironing, HA!! Plus it was a good thing we never left because Cambree's laundry went untouched for a good 3 weeks, you should have seen the outfits she was wearing!!!!

  2. I iron about twice a year. I try not to buy anything that needs to be ironed. I have a feeling you are not alone!

  3. Anonymous7:57 AM

    haha, Katie you are so cute!!
    No one is judging! Even before we moved here and took this business over, I did not iron and wait, I still don't! Dave does it all at the plant :P
    Hey you get to it when you can and if it hangs there any longer, hey its not going anywhere right??! :)

  4. are so funny! And very different then your Aunt! I love to iron!!! If I lived by you I would do it for you. Just put the T.V. on and iron away!

  5. laundry is THE WORST, as is ironing. i seriously think i iron, like, four times a year tops. so silly since i love something when it is all crisp and wrinkle free. ah, life.

  6. I hate to iron too! I think because when I actually do iron, I think I need to make it perfect and get every little wrinkle out and then I inevitably iron wrinkles in, and burn things, and just end up frustrated. I have taken something to the dry cleaners before so I didn't have to iron it.... :)

  7. Hey Katie,
    I was not going to comment, but I changed my mind. I'm sorry that I needed to borrow your washer and made you wait so long to get to your laundry done. You know that I hate to iron too, but we both like the way it looks. Hang in there; find a good rainy day, turn on some good music, and iron away. We're having fun in Denver, wish you were here. Mackenzie is so cute and so much fun. See you in 6 more days.

    Love you,


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