Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Build a Bear

My mom took Kaden to Build a Bear for an early birthday present.  I didn't think he would like it nearly as much as he did.  He had a great time choosing and creating his new buddy.

 They totally spelled his name wrong on his sticker, but he is still so cute in this picture:
 Kaden held onto this stuffed dog while he watched his bear get stuffed:
 Here he is putting not one, but two, hearts into his new friend:

 Giving his bear a bath:
 Helping his bear try on shoes:
 He loved the fireman outfit the best.  I tried to talk him into the pirate ensemble, but he gave a very adamant, "No!" to that idea.

 He is in love with his new friend.  The name on its birth certificate?  Mommy Bear.  I am so proud of Kaden for not showing gender bias.  I love that his macho firefighter is a female.  Of course, he's been calling all bears Mommy Bear after seeing Pixar's Brave, but still . . .

 He pushed this bunny around the store, while Grandma paid for his awesome present:

 Giving Grandma a big thank you hug:


  1. This is the best idea ever!!!! So glad your little man had a great time!

  2. So cute! We have never taken my girls. Shameful, I know! Kaden looked so excited!

  3. i also have never done this with my kids. your post has me convinced. how can i con a grandma into footing the bill? :)

    your little guy is adorable, katie! but you already know this.

  4. nice for a nomal kid to aware with other things like that.

  5. Sorry, I sorta stumbled onto your site, and just thought the whole thing was so adorable. I just had to stop by and say it made me smile after an awful day. Thanks! :)


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