Tuesday, August 07, 2012

We Are Alive

While Chad endures mountains of stress moving all of our Earthly belongings from our rented townhouse to the un-renovated house we now own, Kaden and I are enjoying spoiling and relaxation in Utah.  Without humidity.  Poor Chad.  Seriously.

Here are some photos of one of our adventures.  We went to Boondock's Family Fun Center in Farmington, so Kaden could bowl on a lane just his size.

 Of course we had to play a little shoot ball, while we were there:

 The arcade games give you the traditional tickets that you can cash in for awesome prizes.  Here is Kaden, pictured with his loot:

 Heaven help me when he stops sticking out his belly like that.

 On the way home, we stopped by this really cool knock-off Belagio fountain.  Kaden loves watching it "sing and dance."

Then we swung by Cafe Rio and I devoured two enchiladas of pork awesomeness doused in mild sauce, guacamole, and sour cream.  Oh, and I drank a Henry Weinhard's root beer with it.  It's a hard life.


  1. How long will you be in Utah and are you going to be up in Davis county the whole time? If you have a spare hour at any point we should get together! Parker and Kaden are pretty close to the same age I think.

  2. Hey I was just there a week ago Saturday! My sister's in Farmington. I thought that fountain was awesome. It was no Belagio, but I still loved it. My niece and I got wet as we stood next to the fountain and got splashed. She thought it was so fun.


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