Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kaden Meets Doc and Special

I helped Chad with a photography shoot this weekend in Kinston.  We had a great time.    My friend Becky, along with a friend of hers, hired us to take portraits of them with their beautiful four-legged friends.  It was our first time photographing horses, and I think it went really well.  Some of the pictures turned out fantastically, like this portrait of Doc:

Isn't he beautiful?

I had this sudden urge to take riding lessons and buy Kaden a horse for Christmas.  Luckily the budget won't allow for such impulsive shenanigans.  

Kadester stayed with his Gigi and Poppy during the photo session, but afterwards we went and picked him up, so he could meet Doc and Special for a few minutes (and get a good look at the cows and donkey that also live there).  

He wasn't so sure about them while we were there, but he talked about them a lot later.  When Chad loaded all of the photos onto the computer today, he was super excited to see the "horsies!" I guess he had a good time after all.  

The approach:

 Daddy, warming him up to the idea:

 And, suddenly he realized Special had teeth, which he was using to chomp all that hay:

Poppy  helping Kaden get to know Doc:

I love giving Kaden little experiences like this that are outside of our normal routine.  It is so fun watching him learn and grow!


  1. That is such a beautiful horse, I say next time give into impulse and buy him a horse! I've been promised one if I ever agree to move to small town Ephraim, Utah.

  2. Beautiful horse! It makes me want to own one! :) I am reading The Glass House p.s., and it is really good. She has amazing voice in her writing.

  3. darnit, now i want to buy a horse for christmas too. they are so beautiful. what fun!

  4. Doc is a gorgeous horse!!!

    Love the pictures of Kaden and the horses...those things can be intimidating!! But he seemed to really like them by the end :-)

  5. Such a beautiful portrait of Doc. I need to really learn how to use my Camera.


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