Monday, September 24, 2012


I didn't know I was on a treasure hunt today.

I have been trying to organize our home office (which right now consists of piles of paperwork that need to be filed away into a filing cabinet that I do not yet have).  Kaden is napping, and I have been finding all sorts of hidden gems as I dig through all of the boxes of "stuff."

I found our branch directory from the last congregation we attended as students in Orem, Utah (I still find it so strange that we lived in a BRANCH in Orem).

I found a letter a dear friend in Kinston wrote to us after we attended the temple sealing of her sweet family.

Imagine my excitement when I found an old journal of Chad's!  (Imagine my chagrin when I discovered it was completely empty.)

My favorite thing I found was a CD of old family photos.  My mom put it together for my father-in-law, who was going to do something with them for me for a Christmas gift.  He gave them to me quite a while ago, said he hadn't had time to do anything with them, but wanted me to have them.  I just now got around to looking at them.

I am extremely sentimental, and I love old photographs.  There were several on the CD that I have NEVER seen before, which was so awesome.

This one was my absolute favorite.  This is a picture of my Grandma Jensen, looking completely out of character, which I adore.  She looks so sassy in this photo.  I think I may need to print it out, frame it, and hang it in my house somewhere.  If you know my Grandma Jensen, am I right?  She would probably be mortified to know this photo was being publicized.  I know my Grandpa Jensen was stationed in Japan at some point, so maybe that is where she got these silk pajamas?

My parents, young and in love.

I have no idea who these people are, but I love this.  I think the man may be my Grandpa Beadnell's father?  Maybe the baby is him?  If any family members are reading this and know, I'd love to hear more about it!
Grandma Joy: "Ist photo is Bill's Dad holding Bill and his Mom (Jean) standing next to him."  Bill is my Grandpa.  So I was right.

This is my Great Grandma Hines.  I am guessing this is a photo of her taken at nursing school (maybe upon graduation?).  My great grandmother was a nurse, my grandma is a nurse, and my mom is a nurse.  I see this photo, and I wish I was a nurse.

I am totally guessing here, but I think this may be my Great Grandpa Hines with his brother and sister?  I know he had a brother and sister, and the tall chap looks a lot like him.
Grandma Joy:  "3rd photo is Rhoda, Leon and Roger who died at age 9. These are Dad's bothers and sister. Dad is not in picture."  My great grandpa definitely resembled this brother.  

This is my Grandma Joy, and I am guessing that little bum may be my mom's?  Grandma, your arms look amazing.
Grandma Joy:  That little bum was your precious mom's. The photo was taken in Tucson at our first apartment.

I love thinking that I am related to these people somehow.  I have this strange desire to find out each of their names and try to find their personal histories or something.  (And see if anyone still has their hats!)

Grandma Joy: The old photo was taken in England at
 my Grandma Hines's brother's wedding. My Grandpa H. 
and Grandma H are in back row 2nd and 3rd from right, looking at photo. My great grandpa Hines is seated 2nd from left, looking at photo. Seated next to little girl looking at photo is my Dad seated on my Great Grandma Candler's lap. Not sure of the rest.

My mom with her parents and two of her brothers.

Top row:  Grandma Great (I love this woman.  If her name hadn't been Minnie Iola, I probably would name a daughter, should I be lucky enough to have one, after her someday), Grandma Great's mom, Uncle Howard, Grandma Jensen, Great Grandpa Caldwell.  Bottom Row:  Aunt MalaRee, Dad.

I wonder what was happening on the day this photo was taken.  That's my Grandpa Jensen, looking all studly in his uniform.  I love the shadow of the person snapping the photograph, too.  I love the almost melted snow.  There's a story here.

It definitely made my day finding all of these old memories.  I am so thankful Heavenly Father gave us families.


  1. Jared Jensen2:09 PM

    These are incredible. That picture of Grandma Jensen is crazy. Totally out of character from what I remember of her. It seriously brightened my day looking at these.

  2. I kinda wish you were a nurse too... not that a nurse job sounds all that appealing to me but how awesome would it be to have that picture next to your updated nurses look! Oh well... I forgive you I guess.

    Amazing photos. Hope you learn your stories!

  3. Oh man, Katie, these were fun to see. That one of your Grandma Jensen made me laugh. Now if she'd have been in denim and a plaid shirt out in the garden I would have recognized her.

    It still throws me every time I see a picture of your dad with dark hair. I didn't meet him until it was the pretty color it is now. It was fun to see he and your mom together.

    When I saw the picture of Howard as a baby it reminded me of a story your grandpa told me a few weeks ago about Howard as a baby. The story made me laugh.

    Seeing the picture of your grandpa in his uniform was fun. That smile is the same whether he is seventeen or seventy-five.

    What a find.

  4. I am totally with you on the whole "piles of paperwork/no filing cabinet" thing.... stinks.

  5. Cool pictures! My favorite is of your parents, young and in love. :) I love looking at old family pictures.


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