Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Many Faces of Kaden Reese

Dear Cranky Librarian,

Never in my million and a half visits to the North Regional Library have I ever seen you.  I usually see nice, friendly faces who think my child is adorable, even when he behaves in a some-what crazy manner.  So imagine my surprise today when I overheard you scolding him for constructing a train (by lining up all of the colorful chairs in one section of the children's area, which he has done every time we've visited the library for the last million and a half times).  I believe your words, after I apologized and said we would put them back, were, "Someone might want to sit down!"  Funny.  No one was looking for a chair.  Whatever, sister.

A Now Cranky Mommy

Dear Kaden,

The moment to have a meltdown was probably not immediately following our encounter with the not nice librarian.  Way to make a good impression, Buddy, way to make a good impression.

I still love you,

Dear Bombay House,

I fell in love with Indian food while I was living in London.  The first time I tasted curry, it was topped with shredded coconut, bananas, and mango chutney.  I was hooked.  When I returned to BYU, you quickly became my favorite Provo restaurant.  Not just because you were the only feasible place to EAT Indian food, but because you were so incredibly amazing.  I found a recipe on Pinterest that claims to, when followed, produce your Tikka Masala.  I hope it isn't lying.  That will be devastating on so many levels.

A Hopeful Cook

Dear Chadwick,

Thanks for liking Indian food even more than I do.  Sometimes, you have to remind me how much I like it, so I will actually make it.

Your Other Half

P.S.  Thanks for being talented, so you can take photos like this of our adorable offspring:

Dear Kaden,

After looking at these pictures, it's clear we need to do something about the monk shape of your haircut.  We aren't Catholic, and even if we were, this style is pretty medieval.  Good thing you're still so adorable.

The One Who Can't Bring Herself to Chop off Those Gorgeous Blond Locks  

Dear Sub Floors,

You are dusty and nasty, but I love you.  Thanks for not being water damaged.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Our romance will be short lived.  Come Saturday, we will be covering you up with new hardwood flooring.  Not to sound insensitive, but I kind of can't wait.

A Home Renovator Extraordinaire


  1. that librarian sounds awful! Kaden is beyond adorable! That haircut wins!

  2. Cute "many expressions" photos. Lame librarian, I hate it when people are like that. I feel like they should go get a new job if they dislike that one so much that they have to be grumpy.

  3. ahh the cranky librarian. I have decided all libraries have at least one. Asher is in a bad library phase right now and I swear her cranky eyes follow us the minute we step off the elevator...

  4. LOVE this post. You are a talented writer.


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