Monday, January 07, 2013

Empty House and Holiday Memories

We took down our Christmas decorations on Saturday afternoon, and our house feels hallow and empty.  I know I'll eventually adjust to the lack of glitter and sparkle, but right now, things seem kind of depressing.  I know a lot of people find extreme joy in getting their tinsel and evergreen garlands boxed away, but I think I could gaze at my bedazzled Christmas tree for 365 days a year and be happy.  I couldn't really, of course, because it wouldn't be as special, but it feels like it when it's time to take the tree down.  I already miss driving up to our house at night and seeing a candle glowing beneath a wreath in each window.  

Kaden practically wept when he saw us taking the ornaments off the tree.  "This is mine!"  he'd say, clutching to a red and gold one.  Or, "I need this ORN-MENT!"  Poor kid.  We saw four or five Christmas trees laying haphazardly in the street today, waiting for the garbage men to come collect them.  He kept confusedly pointing the out, while I pulled him in his wagon through the neighborhood.  It's hard to say goodbye to Christmas.

We had a great Christmas and New Year's celebration this year, and in true Katie fashion I didn't take many photographs.

For example, I wish I had photographed Kaden, Kenzie, and Tanner taking turns pulling each other in Kaden's new wagon, his favorite gift from Gigi and Poppy.  I can still see them in their hats and mittens, noses a little bit red, squealing with delight.

I wish I had a photograph of Kaden and Kenzie decorating gingerbread houses with Aunt Meredith and Uncle Adam.  A few of the blades of Kade's gumdrop grass weren't deposited in a layer of icing until he'd licked the sugar coating off, which made it extra precious.

I wish I had a photograph of every delectable treat I consumed over our holiday stay with the in laws.  Actually, I don't.  That would show just how much of a pig I am.  But oh, how tasty everything was!  I do regret not taking a photo of at least the New Year's Eve feast.  This year we had brie fondue with baguette, fresh fruit with chocolate fondue, crab and cream cheese wontons, bruschetta, cheese ball, our favorite Harry and David dip, chocolate crinkle cookies, and an assortment of other leftover Christmas desserts.  It was so amazing.  So much goodness in one meal.

I did manage to score a few  photographs.  Here's our family on Christmas Sunday right after church.  Kaden is wearing his last Christmas John-John.  At least he got one more year with smocked snowmen.

On Christmas morning, we took a lot of video footage and very few photographs, but I did capture these as the kids were waiting to go down the stairs.  They were so eager to see what Santa had brought!

Even though Kaden's eyes are closed, I love this shot of him with his Daddy:

Santa brought Kaden an extra special treat for Christmas this year.  After he'd opened all of his other presents, he had to go on a treasure hunt to find his last gift, which was hidden in the living room.  A friend of mine gave us this train, which is motorized and can be ridden around a circular track.  Her children had enjoyed it for years.  Unfortunately, it was broken and no longer ran.  Santa took the train to his workshop and with the help of his elves, fixed it right up, so that Kaden could ride it again!  He was so excited!  Isn't Santa awesome?

Mackenzie got some watercolors for Christmas this year, and the budding artist was creating masterpieces every day.  Gigi and Poppy's refrigerator was soon plastered with them.  She wanted Kaden to paint with her so badly, but he mostly tried to drink the water meant for cleaning the brushes . . . and made a mess.

See what I mean about drinking the water? He's  totally stealing a sip in this one:

This was the first year Chad's entire family has all been together for Christmas in a long time, so it was imperative we take some family photos.  Leave it to us to pick the rainiest, coldest day to do that.  The kids weren't too thrilled.  Neither were the adults. We did manage to get a few good ones, though.  My favorites were by far the silly ones.  I love being  a part of the Reese clan.  I am so thankful for them!

Alas, the holiday season is over.  Time for reality to set in . . . and to start hitting those New Year's resolutions!


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! How fun that Chad's whole family was there. Kaden looks as adorable as ever. I'm itching to see pictures of your house as it's being remodeled, by the way! You need to post some.

  2. You are so beautiful! :) Nice family Christmas pictures.

  3. you guys are the cutest little (and big) family. i love your red dress!


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