Friday, January 25, 2013

Tortillas With the Sous Chef

I made baked fajitas last week for dinner, and because I'm lazy and don't want to cook every night, we ate the leftovers the next evening.  And because I'm even more lazy, I didn't want to go to the store to buy more tortillas.  And there was only one left in the package.  Quite the dinner predicament. We improvised and Kaden and I made homemade ones, which I sometimes do when I'm feeling incredibly ambitious.  Only this time I was feeling incredibly apathetic.  It was such a strange, out of body experience.

Anyway, I can't resist posting these adorable photos of my kitchen helper.  He was a lot better with the rolling pin than I anticipated he would be:

And because I know his Grandma and Gigi will want to see it, here's a video of the little sous chef in action:

Kaden loves to help in the kitchen and is a great cooking companion these days.  It's been frigid this week, so we've baked a lot of unnecessary desserts just to give us an extra daytime activity.  Kaden would be content to play monster all day, which is his current game of choice.  He is the monster and he chases me, while I scream and run away.  It's exhausting, and he doesn't really get tired of it.  Like ever.  Hopefully it's helping to burn off some of the calories from all of those cookies and bread we're baking.

The tortillas turned out amazing, by the way.  I tried a new recipe I found on Pinterest.  This recipe produces a dough that's a lot more pliable than ones I've used in the past, so it was easier to roll them thin enough to get that perfect Cafe Rio-esque texture.  The baked fajitas were delightful, too, made yummy lunch and dinnertime leftovers, and were incredibly hassle-free to make.  I think if I make them again, I'll add some lime to the sauce you pour over the top, because really, isn't it somewhat criminal to make fajitas with not even a smidgen of lime?  My friend Karen always writes the best blog posts reviewing various Pinterest recipes she has tried online, and I love it.  It saves me from making duds.  So there's two that have a positive nod from me.

Also, I thought this Kadenism was cute today, upon seeing a Winnie the Pooh sticker:

"Oooooohhhhhhh!  Look, Mommy!  Honey the Pooh!"

In all seriousness, wouldn't that be a better name for the bear obsessed with the nectar of the bees?


  1. I am so flattered to be mentioned in your blog! Haha looks like Kaden had a lot of fun in the kitchen. I'm excited to try those tortillas. I tried making tortillas a couple times, and they turned out awful. That was a while ago... maybe it's time to try again

  2. That is so fun that he helps you cook! Parker loves doing that too. And Honey the Pooh is a great name.


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