Sunday, April 07, 2013

I Give Up

Every time I think Kaden is going to be over the moon excited about an outing, he proves me wrong. We had a repeat of our fire station experience last week, when our playgroup took a tour of the Duke Life Flight helicopter and ambulance.

Yes, my son, who watches All About Helicopters religiously, knows the show's theme song by heart, frequently pretends to BE a helicopter by spinning in circles, and excitedly points to any that he sees in the sky, suddenly decided to be terrified of helicopters when he had the chance to sit in a real one.

C'est la vie.

At least he enjoyed watching Cars in my friend's minivan on the way to and from Smithfield, the picnic lunch and running around all over inside the hanger, and watching the helicopter take off.

FINALLY!  A smile!

 Immediately after the helicopter took off Kaden started lamenting that he wanted to sit in it.  We are working on understanding that we need to seize the day when opportunities present themselves . . .


  1. Awe, look at him! He's absolutely darling. Looks like you guys had a great time :)

    xoxo Jamie

  2. It's crazy how little toddler minds work, isn't it? I do love these pictures of you guys!

  3. Fun outing! I think it is one that would have scared me as a kid too. :) They kind of look like giant insects that are loud.


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