Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Before I lose the papers from the doctor's office, and because I'm obviously not going to get around to writing that detailed blog post I keep dreaming up for a while . . . 

Everett at 5 Weeks:

Weight:  12 pounds 8 ounces (91%)-- As an aside, this is what Kaden weighed at his 2 month checkup... 
Length:  22.75 in (85%)
Head Circumference:  38.75 cm (79%)

Everett at 2 months:

Weight:  14 pounds 10 ounces (92%)
Length:  24.5 in (97%)
Head Circumference:  40.5 cm (87%)

I'd say he's thriving.  My back is killing me.

Kaden at 3 Years:

Weight:  33.25 pounds (66%)
Length: 38.5 in (73%)
BMI: 43%


  1. We sure do love our big babies don't we!! Cant wait to see some more pictures of the cutie :)


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