Sunday, August 10, 2014

Summer Rules Continued . . .

18.  Indulge in spur of the moment play dates.  The best buddies are the kind that don't care if you're in your pajamas at close to noon.  Or your skivvies.

19.  There's no shame in free Chick-fil-A, so feel free to take advantage of it twice in one day. 

20.  Stay and play on the slip and slide longer, instead of cleaning your house for the sister missionaries' dinner visit.  Sometimes play time is the most important time.  

21.  Have so much fun at the children's museum that you make your mom fight to get a picture without blur.

22.  Say a prayer of thanks every day that the two best boys in the entire world tested negative for the FABRY gene.  

23.  Jump at the chance to score a free swing set, when your friend nabs it for you online.  

24.  Rejoice that Daddy has some mad Lego skills, and hope that those translate to swing set assembly.

25.  Splash in the shade on hot days.  

26.  Try not to have an anxiety attack when your counter top looks like this: 

27.  Be forever grateful when the ant traps start to work and the food can go back in the cabinets.  

28.  Say a tearful goodbye to the best shade tree on your lot, when it splits straight down the middle.  Then look on the bright side:  no more needing to prune those giant branches that were touching the house, and now there's plenty of room to plant hydrangeas along the fence line.    

29.  Keep working hard in the pool.  

30.  Fall desperately behind in blogging and continue to put off catching up.  

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