Sunday, July 13, 2014

Reese Rules of Summer

1.  The library has events that are free and air conditioned.  And there are books there.  Books are awesome.  Therefore, go to the library often.  Sometimes, go with friends.

2.  Keep a watermelon cut up in the refrigerator at all times, or at least as often as humanly possible.

3.  Bring a change of clothes to the art museum, since the fountains outside are as tempting as the art activities inside.  

4.  Yoga is good for the mind and body. 

5.  Give guests a superhero's welcome.  

6.  Use selfies to practice those budding photography skills.  

7.  Live in the moment, and realize that an empty arena of seats (and a few tractors kicking up dirt) is as thrilling to a group of preschoolers as what was supposed to be a horse show.  Be thankful you had awesome friends with you.

8.  Eat lunch at the pool.  It makes for a lot less kitchen cleanup.

9.  Live at the pool.  Pool water is cooler than 90 degree weather plus humidity.  Even with a fussy baby who hates the water, it's still worth it.    

10.  Clean up other people's garbage.  It makes you feel good to show Mother Nature you've got her back, especially when you're with the world's cutest trash police squad.  

11.  Party until you pass out.  
12.  Try to master pedaling a bike, after a year of balance-biking it up.

13.  Learn to cheer for team USA in the World Cup.

14.  Find an awesome swim teacher and make her lessons one of the best parts of each week.

15.  When you're invited to a dino birthday party, go party.  You will not regret this decision.  

16.  When you find out that the mini-infestation of ants you've experienced are crazy ants, instead of carpenter ones, go celebrate at Mellow Mushroom.

17.  Make lots of yummy treats and share them, before you eat them all.  

We've had a pretty amazing summer so far!

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