Monday, April 20, 2015

Photo Dump for February, March, and How is it Possibly Already April?!

 Valentine's Day Party for Preschool:

Trip to Chick-fil-A, courtesy of Easter card money from Gigi and Poppy:

Easter egg hunts.  Lots of them.  

Dyeing Easter eggs for the first time.  Kaden will be five this summer.  We're terrible parents.  

The Easter Bunny toned things down a little this year.  The kids didn't notice.  

Spring Party for Preschool.  I missed it, but my awesome friend sent me photos of Kaden:

Kaden had a fun time with Poppy at the nature center when we visited Kinston one weekend:

The boys and I hit up the art museum one day, enjoyed the Spring weather, and picnicked on the grounds:

Breakfast continues to be the worst meal of the day:

Lots.  And Lots.  And Lots of bike riding.  

Career day at preschool.  Kaden went as a real-life Octonaut, AKA a marine biologist:

Love how he is sounding out and trying to write words on his own now:

We had some extra snow:

Marbles got a new fire truck.  The boys were thrilled!

 The amount of destruction Everett can exude in a five minute time frame never ceases to amaze me.  

These pictures are completely out of order.  Oh, well.  I'm behind and can't catch up, so I figure this is better than nothing!

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