Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Farm Days 2015

This year marked my third year reminiscing about my country upbringing, with kids in tow, at NC State's annual Farm Days.  I've documented our previous adventures here and here. I seriously love this event.  And it makes me feel a lot less guilty about my kids never getting to participate in 4-H.    

Country boys wear irrigation boots.  City boys wear rain boots.  

Anytime Everett scores time in the driver's seat he's gleeful, but behind the wheel of a tractor, he was even more giddy.  

The highlight of the field trip for me is always the baby chicks.  I'm still devastated that I didn't get a photo of Everett holding his, since I had to help him.  

The highlight of the trip for the boys?  Definitely the creamery ice cream. 

Group photos of kids this age are always entertaining.  So here are four:

It's sometimes nerve racking as a parent exposing your children to adorable baby farm animals.  Will they suddenly abhor the sight of bacon?  Refuse the eat chicken in any form?  Kaden and his friend Mark put my fears to rest through the two best comments of the outing:

Kaden (looking at the turkeys):  "Mom, they look so, so gross, but they taste so, so yummy!"

Mark (after checking out the pigs):  "Miss Katie, when I see that piggie, I want to shoot it and EAT it!"

Well, OK then.

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