Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Duke Gardens

One lovely Sunday evening in April, we met some friends at Duke Gardens for a picnic.  The weather was absolutely perfect.  It was the kind of night that reminds you that North Carolina is Heaven, before summer comes and the humidity smashes all of your hopes and dreams.  Seventy degrees.  A slight breeze.  Cute kids and fantastic adult conversation.  It was perfection, I tell you.  

Mia and Everett shared several tender moments during our outing.  I'm never sure if Mia sees herself as a mother figure for Ev, or if she's trying to seal a romantic deal.  Either way, it's adorable to watch.

The koi pond was a huge draw for all the kids. They would race back and forth, plopping down on their bellies trying to catch one.  Everett could have done this all day.

All the spring flowers were in bloom.  We picked the perfect time to visit!

Our original plan had been to take portraits of our boys, but by the time we made it to a picturesque spot, they'd eaten dinner and rolled around in dirt.  Oh, well.

These three buddies make me smile.

Everett's expressions for these group shots crack me up.  He was on a posing roll.

Another visit to this gorgeous spot is definitely on my agenda!

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