Thursday, May 21, 2015

Kaden's Preschool Graduation

I'm willing to overlook the gross misspelling  and capitalization issues on the graduation robes, due to the huge amounts of adorable that were dripping all over Kaden's preschool graduation today.  

Pomp and circumstance.  Golden tassels.  They had it all.  

There were some short performances by the kids, followed by individual awards.  

Kaden received the "Fun Dip" award for being eager to learn, with a fun-loving attitude.  

After the individual awards, the children received their preschool diplomas:

It was a darling program!  The grand finale is here.  

I am so proud of Kaden.  He learned so much this year and has grown up so much.  His scissor skills and ability to color in the lines astound me.  The fact that he can write his first AND last name somehow makes me think he is practically a teenager.  I wish I could slow down time!  He has learned basic reading skills, and I love listening to him sound out books on his own.  He is eager to learn and loves to ask "why?" about anything and everything he notices about the world around him.  I love being his mommy, and I love watching him change with every passing day.

Gigi, Uncle Cameron, and Aunt Jess also came for the graduation ceremony.

And of course, the adoring baby brother was, as always, Kaden's biggest fan.

I love that Kaden and his sweet friend Mark were able to do preschool together this year.  It was fun to see them spend another year together, after doing Joy School together last year.

Kaden loved his teachers, Miss Brittany and Miss Erin.  I felt peace in my heart when I met Erin at the start of the school year.  I think her teaching style was a great fit for him this year.

One more year of pre-k for this little man, before he's bound for kindergarten.  He's very sad the preschool year has ended, but is, "So excited to go to the swimming pool!"  I hear ya, little buddy.

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