Saturday, August 15, 2015

Cameron and Jessica Get Hitched

Chad's baby brother, Cameron, who we all affectionately refer to as Booba (I'm sure much to his wife's chagrin), married his sweetheart at the end of May.  

We all made the trek to Washington D.C., which was kind of cool, since that's where Chad and I promised forever ten years ago.  

The traffic was atrocious.  The bride and groom deeply in love.  And I found out that weddings are not as much fun when you're trying to keep two kids happy in the heat, especially when one needs a nap.  Even so, I'm so glad we were able to be there to share in the joy of Cameron and Jess' special day.  

Oh.  And did I mention Chad was also the photographer?  With me as his (insert sarcasm here, due to previously mentioned motherhood responsibilities) assistant.    

By now, we should all know that Joycious throws a killer party, and her planning skills did not disappoint at the reception the following evening.  While Chad shot the reception mostly sans assistant, I spent most of my time trying to keep a toddler's grimy hands out of the mint receptacle. I was also privileged to have a come to Jesus meeting with a very grouchy, sassy Kaden outside right as the party was starting (which Jim Walker got to witness, so that's fun).    

It's not coincidental that there's a mint in his hand.  He had one there all.  Night.  Long.  

Even though I shot fewer than 1% of the photos at this shindig, I did manage to capture these two, which are some of my favorites!

This is my "you can't be in the bridal party, the groom's family, have small children, and be a wedding photographer" face.  Never again.  

The boys were pretty fascinated by the drinking fountain, until they got a sampling of Gigi's punch.  Then it was game over.

Cousins at the wedding.

First dance as hubs and wifey.

I told them to dance on the railroad tracks at sunset.  You're welcome I did that.

And just like that, baby Cameron is all grown up and married.  We feel so lucky to have Jess as a new sister and friend!  We hope that, given time, she will grow accustomed to our loud and obnoxious ways.  

Watching these two starting out on such a great life adventure, my heart is so thankful for the choice I made a decade ago.  I don't think Chad and I had a clue what we were doing.  In fact, I know we didn't.  Ten years later, I've seen others go through the unfortunate pain and sorrow that follows an unlucky choice in love. Neither of us is perfect, but I can honestly say I love him more today than I did on that hot and humid July morning in 2005.  Even with all the craziness life's thrown our way, I like to think I'm happier, too.  He is still my best friend, the one who believes in me when I don't believe in myself.  As Ben Folds put it during our first dance as husband and wife, "I love you more than I have ever found a way to say to you . . . And I know that I am . . .  the luckiest."

Congratulations, Jess and Cameron!  We are so happy for you both!    


  1. We went to Robert's sister's wedding last week and apparently i hadn't been to a wedding with my children recently. It was a long day (temple, dinner, reception) of trying to keep kids happy, entertained, clean, and behaving. It was a nightmare of a day. And I didn't have to worry about taking pictures. You're amazing!!

  2. Oh my gosh.....these pictures!!! this day!!! So wonderful. Chad did a fantastic job capturing their special day (and those pictures you took are amazing!) Jess' dress is gorgeous (she reminds me a lot of you, btw) and I love her dress. That isn't the first come to Jesus meeting that Jim Walker has witnessed, just so you he probably didn't even notice. ;)

  3. So fun to get to know my extended family. Thanks for being a blogger.


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