Thursday, September 08, 2005

New Sister-hood

I grew up with two brothers, making me the only girl. This definitely had its perks: I knew as much about Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, etc. as any of the boys on the playground, I pretty much had sole control of a bathroom counter for "getting ready" time, and I had my own wardrobe- no fighting over shared clothes (which I hear causes frequent disputes among sisters). Anyway, the point is I did enjoyed growing up with brothers. Bryan and Jared are wonderful and I love them very much. (Sometimes they would do things that forced me to physically hurt them. Despite the fact that they often deserved this treatment, I am very sorry if I caused any permanent damage- and I loved them all along I promise). Even though I was always happy being a sibling to two boys, deep down I always wanted a sister. This was not really much of a secret, in fact I vocalized this desire often. I repeatedly asked for one, and I am pretty sure I prayed for Jared to be a girl when my mom was pregnant.

This yearning for a sister never really went away. In high school and college I have found friends who come pretty darn close to filling this void. They are wonderful, compassionate, loving women who are like family to me...but most of them have "real" sisters of their own. So as much as we joked about being "sisters from another mister" we were always just joking.

When I married Chad one of the most wonderful things in the world came with the deal: HE HAS A SISTER! And here is the clincher: She doesn't HAVE a sister! SOOOOOOOO we both get a sister at last, and it is for real, because we are RELATED! I was completely elated with this notion when Chad and I became engaged, I even joked with Chad that the only reason I was marrying him was for Meredith, but last night it seriously hit me how wonderful it is. I was sitting in our apartment all alone because Chad was working until late, and there was a knock at the door. I figured it would be one of our random neighbors asking to borrow a screwdriver or phonebook again, but it was Meredith! It made my night to have her stop by. Chad had taken her and Adam's engagement pictures during the day so she stopped by to show them to me. We had such a great time together talking and laughing. When she left it hit me that we are really sisters now and how special that is. I really love Meredith like a sister! Anyway, I just thought I would share with everyone how fabulous I think this whole thing is! I have a sister- the end.

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