Friday, September 02, 2005

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Work Day

Warning: This is a vent...this will not be a very positive blog, if you don't want to feel negative, you probably shouldn't read this. (I apologize profusely for this)

Today I thought I was going to lose it at work. Lately I haven't been liking my job very much...this is really quite sad because I work with wonderful people and it's not a horrible job, I can't seem to quite pin point what exactly is wrong with my place of employment. All I know is once I get to work I am almost instantly in a bad mood. I feel horrible because I don't like to feel annoyed and unhappy for 4 hours of my day. I know this is a problem with my attitude and I need to fix it, but I just thought I'd vent for a little bit if you don't mind.

Today I was all alone at the front counter. That's not a huge deal, except today was exceptionally busy. My day consisted of lifting heavy boxes onto scales, answering a phone that persisted in ringing every 5 SECONDS (literally people, I kid you not), helping a woman process over 20 boxes that she decided to bring in at the busiest time of day (so while I helped her tons of other people waited impatiently behind the counter), and in between all of this I kept taking deep breaths and telling myself not to cry. (The crying part is probably a result of a certain time of the month rapidly approaching for me.) The thing is though, before all of this my day had been going pretty well...yes I did wake up a bit late (which means I spent the day in pig-tails) but other than that I'd had 3 great English classes, Chad sent me some adorable text messages that made me feel loved and happy, and I even found out the bookstore had some used copies of the British Lit Anthology I had to buy so I saved 15 dollars! So the question is, how could all of these delightful moments from my day be completely destroyed in 4 hours? *sigh...I do not know. I feel completely helpless in this situation, I can't quit my job unless I find another job that is just as convenient, and I don't even know if I want to quit my job necessarily- I just want to be less sick of it! Anyway, that's all for tonight, just a major complaint- sorry everyone.

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